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The Stable:

Albert Koehl is an environmental lawyer and founding member of Bells on Bloor. In 2008, he was voted Cycling Advocate of the Year by IBikeTO, in part for his pro bono representation of the Safe Cycling Coalition in a court challenge against the Bloor Street Transformation Project. In the past Albert has served as a prosecutor For the Ontario Ministry of Environment, an investigator for the United Nations Truth Commission in Guatemala and a lawyer for two legal aid clinics in Toronto. (from Summer 2009)

Alex Bowron is a sculpture-installation student at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Her interests include human habitat; community development; urban sustainability; and the role that art can play in shaping these things. She also bikes a lot. (from Spring 2010)

Aaron Hershoff (Summer 2008)

Adam Hammond (Spring 2009, Man of Steel: Mike Barry and the story of Mariposa bicycles)

Adam Popper is an Urban Designer and Planner. He punctuates life with intermittent journalism, journeys and soups-du-jour. On the side, he manages the micro-business ( in support of crotchety young artists and cold-weather cyclists everywhere.

Alex Gatien (Summer 2008, Spring 2009)

Alex Tran is a Toronto photographer with an unnatural obsession with bikes, particularly his own. (from Summer 2009)

Allyson Amster (Spring 2009)

Amanda Beattie loves bikes. Amanda loves magazines. Amanda would love you to subscribe to our bike magazine at - thanks.

Amy Packwood is a dilettante cyclist but she can change, uh, baby. (Summer/Fall 2010)

Andrew Maemura is a full-time mechanic at Cycle Solutions. (from Summer 2009)

Angela Bischoff is a long-time community organizer and urban enviro-activist on issues ranging from waste to climate change to transportation. Her current campaigns include establishing bike lanes on Bloor/Danforth (Take the Tooker) and ending nuclear power (Ontario Clean AIr Alliance).,,

Anita Lalchan is a photographer. She rides just for the sheer joy of riding through this beautiful city.

Anna Bowen is a freelance writer, fact-checker, proofreader and magazine enthusiast. Formerly an intern at THIS Magazine, Anna writes about issues of social justice, spirituality, disability, activism, art, and of course, bicycling. Her articles can be found in issues of Spacing, Geez, THIS Magazine, and dandyhorse.

Ann Ruppenstein is a Toronto-based freelance writer, editor and photographer. (from Summer/Fall 2010)

Anthony Davison is designing the perfect T-shirt. One that will educate, inspire, and ultimately save the world. All he's missing is the right font.

Anthony Humphreys (Spring 2009)

Arlene Clement is a former managing editor of dandyhorse. She thinks bikes are dandy.

Barb Wentworth is a bicycle safety planner at the City of Toronto.

Ben Smith Lea (Spring 2009)

Ben Z Cooper is a photographer, a cyclist, a videographer, an artist and a human. He captures and creates from the ever-inspiring world that surrounds us. You can find some of his work at and

Benedict San Juan (Spring 2009)

Benny Zenga is one of the core members of the Winking Circle. (Shown above.)

Beth McIlroy is a writer/editor living in the east end of Toronto who tries to learn something new every day. She loves her bike, her dogs and her passport.

The Big Carrot is a Canadian worker-owned natural food market (Est. 1983), that specializes in a wide selection of organically grown, non-GMO, cruelty-free and environmentally safe products. The Big Carrot is proud to be Ontario’s first retailer to certify to the new Canadian Organic standard and can now process and package over 700 organic products in their bulk, produce, cheese, organic juice bar and deli departments. The Organic Juice Bar’s new 2011 juice menu Superfoods, Protein Boosts, Immune Elixirs, Detoxifiers & Energizers and Green Power Drinks. at the Vegetarian Deli, browse through the expansive paraben-free Body Care department and visit The Wholistic Dispensary across the courtyard for some professional care.

The Bike Joint is on Harbord Street and a great place to get your bike fixed. Thanks Derek and Brad for your dandy support.

The Bike Pirates are a non-profit volunteer-run workspace where folks can learn how to build or repair their own bicycles. Space, tools, used parts and volunteer assistance are provided on a Pay-What-You-Can basis. Open 5 days a week including Women & Trans Sundays.

Bob Mionske

Bouke Salverda's roots are Dutch. (He was born there.) He loves bikes, his Parkdale neighbourhood, and likes to make photos, too.

Brent Robinson is a lanky long-hair single-speed rider currently working at Sweet Pete's. He likes late-night rides, beef burgers and beer. It is his opinion that hair metal is not just a musical offering, but a way of life. Brent's way of riding is more relaxed than intense, cruising through the city while head-banging on his Kona. (from Summer 2009)

Brent Sasiela is the sole proprietor of Method Lab at 148 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market where he makes and sells custom chopper bicycles and dandyhorse T-shirts, among other things, like the first full-sized folding bike he has in production.

Brian Vernor is a California-based photographer and filmmaker. His great love of cycling is an endless source of inspiration, and his recent collaboration with Ontario native Benny Zenga, the film Where Are You Go, is a celebration of everything bicycle in East Africa. His photography appears regularly in Spoke, Outside, Bike, and VeloNews. (from Summer 2009)

Briana Illingworth (Summer 2008)

Bryen Dunn is a Toronto-based freelance writer, and an avid year-round commuter cyclist. He's willing to take on any assignments of interest, climb the highest mountain, ride the longest trail, attend parties with free booze, and listen to rants. He's inclined to learn from the past, discover the new, embrace the future, and travel the world in search of the great unknown.

Carolyn Pioro's first love was a cyclist, and she'll be forever fond of boys with shaved legs and Cannondale road bikes.

Cat Essiambre is a member of the Deadly Nightshades bike crew.

Charles Wallace Miksa is the newest member of the dandyhorse team; he attended his mama's photo shoots in utero. We're sure he'll be as into bikes as his proud new parents, Molly and Jan. Welcome Charlie! (Summer/Fall 2010)

Cheryl Stevens wants Grandma Jean not to worry and to know, two wheels are safer then four! (from Spring 2010)

Chimo Chan (a.k.a. Lillian Chan) is a visual artist and novice cyclist, who aspires to bike through North America one day.

Dr. Chris Cavacuiti is a board member of the Share The Road Cycling Coalition ( and former co-chair of the Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee ( He races bikes competitively for the Project Freeride Cycling Team ( Chris is also Family Doctor at St. Michael's Hospital and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, where he is involved in several ongoing cycling health and safety research studies.

Chris Simonen was born in Southern Ontario, in the woods, the farmlands, the towns, and the cities. He rides everyday now in Toronto and you can see some of his drawings at

Chris Hardwicke is an associate at Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. Architects Inc., where he researches, designs, teaches, gives advice, makes policies and writes about places and cities.

Torontonian Chris Silva is a BMX rider. He rides for Animal and MacNeil bikes and is the owner of Sour Fever Clothing --- a BMX clothing company with a DIY type style.

Christopher Kaiser's first memories are of riding bikes. He has a past of 6 years working on bikes in several shops in Toronto, though now works in the broadcast industry.  He is very happy to contribute as a photographer for dandyhorse! Chris is a regular contributor to the

Chucky Cent is a pet centipede. To battle the boredom of bourgeois invertebrate life, he turned to what his buddies consider the most useless skill in the world: Drawing ( He is owned by Manfred Naescher, a Berlin-based artist and designer, who rides his bike every day, unlike Chucky, who, maybe not so surprisingly, is an avid walker. (from Summer 2009)

Cindy Blaževic is a photo-based artist and occasional commercial photographer, who lives and works in Toronto and sometimes in the Balkans. She likes dandies and horses and travelling on two wheels.

Why did Claudia Calabro cross the road on her rusty cruiser? To get to the other side, of course. (Where likely there was a magazine store or meeting.) Ongoing projects include being loud about things that matter, biking to work every day, and creating a local magazine circulation juggernaut to be run out of her closet.

Colleen Kirley's favourite thing to do on her bike is shop for groceries in Kensington market. Colleen is in her third year of Journalism at Ryerson and loves being the editorial assistant at dandyhorse!

Colin Field is an editor at Mountain Life Magazine. He is an avid mountain biker with over 15 years of BMX racing and freestyle experience. Colin's roots run deep within the bike community. From working as a bicycle courier in England to bicycle tour guide in the USA, or riding to Timbuktu in Mali, he enjoys any kind of writing as long as it's on two wheels. (from Summer 2009)

Crump Industries is our very dandy print broker.

Dana Lacey is a freelance writer, editor and photographer. She's also the digital journalism specialist at ScribbleLive; she investigates where journalism is off to next. Check out her work at and

Darren O’Donnell is a novelist, essayist, playwright, director, designer, performer, Artistic Director of Mammalian Diving Reflex, Research Director of The Tendency Group, an emerging think tank and social policy laboratory and co-founder of The Torontonians. His books include: Social Acupuncture, which argues for an aesthetics of civic engagement and Your Secrets Sleep with Me, a novel about difference, love and the miraculous. His best-known work is Haircuts by Children, which was first created in collaboration with the children of Parkdale Public School in 2006. In addition to his artistic practice, he is currently an MSci candidate in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto.

Darryl Chow still remembers his first big-boy bike. In 1978 as grandparents emigrated from Hong Kong with the Raleigh Chopper stowed inside their shipping container for the grandson they would meet for the first time. He is an avid traveler, photographer, loves cooking and spends plenty of time throwing plastic. (from Sumer/Fall 2010)

Dathe Wong is a member of the Lapdogs Race Team participating in M3 road category and has been cycling with the Lapdogs Cycling Club for four years and is a regular bicycle commuter. Dathe is a senior associate architect with Stantec Architecture in Toronto and is an avid amateur photographer. (from Summer 2009)

Dave Meslin buried his Pontiac Sunfire in 1997, and immediately joined Toronto's vibrant community of bicycle riders and advocates. He's organized events such as Reclaim the Streets, Car Free Day and Trailer Park (Toronto's first bike trailer festival). Dave has sat on both the Toronto Cycling Committee and the Pedestrian Committee and in 2002 he attended the Dia Sin Carro (Car Free Day) mayors Summit in Bogotá on behalf of Mel Lastman. In 2008 Dave founded the Toronto Cyclists Union and published the first issue of dandyhorse magazine. (from Summer 2009)

Dave Murray is our dandy cover artist for Spring 2011.

Dean Baldwin is an artist interested in the world of food and drink. He currently lives in Hackney, London (England) where he drives an orange 1987 Raleigh Esquire. He is represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects. (from Summer 2009)

Derek Chadbourne is a cycling activist and owner of the Bike Joint on Harbord Street. He is lead educator at Charlie's Freewheels, a volunteer run organization that teaches youth retail and bicycle mechanic skills.

Diana McNally is an individual whose gorgeousness, musky animal magnetism and dynamic mastery of every imaginable skill-set are matched only by her self-aggrandizing lies. Witness her in action at (from Summer 2009)

Don Simmons (Spring 2009)

When Donald “GO-by-Bike” Wiedman was a teenager, his father refused to lend him the car. Thirty years later Donald now lives a life addicted to bikes and transit. What a friggin’ tragedy. For more dirt on Donald (and sometimes a little grease and gravel) please visit

Dusty Legnano can't stand to see a cyclist in flip-flops. (from Summer 2009)

Dylan Reid is a senior editor of Spacing Magazine and co-chair of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee. (from Summer 2009)

Elicser is a Toronto-based artist and painter of bikes. (from Fall 2010)

Emma Ladouceur is a graduate of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University. She is currently a student of green building, and advocate of sustainable city-living, an avid cyclist and an amateur photographer. She explores urban landscape through her photography at (from Summer 2009)

Emma Ryder likes bikes, boys and beer. (from Summer 2009)

Erin George is a graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism and York University's Critical Disability Studies program, Erin George believes cycling makes us citizens of our city. When retinitis pigmentosa forced her off the road, she marched into a bike shop, bought a tandem bike, and co-founded Cycle for Sight ( a fundraiser for vision research.

Erin Riley (Summer 2008)

Frank Maidens expends the majority of his relentless ATP within the bike community – building bikes, pressing buttons and organizing rides, he sometimes garbles “zoooom” in his sleep. (from Spring 2010, which Frank designed!)

Frank Theriault learned to ride a bike at the age of three, and after a stint in the professional world, he became a bike messenger in 1996. After dispatching for about three years, he was recently "promoted" back to the road as a full-time messenger. He got his first camera, a Kodak Brownie, at the age of seven, and has been taking photos ever since. His combined passions can be seen in his photoblog, (from Summer 2009)

Fred Sztabinski is writing about  the benefits of hitching up your dandyhorse at a bike corral for our upcoming issue (Spring 2011).

Gary Davidson is an award-winning magazine art director and former dandy designer (Fall 2010) too.

Geoff Kettel (Spring 2009)

Geoff Macbride (Spring 2009)

Glenn Paul Chomniak sold dandy ads.

Greg Curnoe is a great Canadian artist who was killed in 1992 when a pick up truck ran into his group of London Centennial Wheelers club riders. His painting, Mariposa Low Rider, appeared on the cover of the Summer 2009 issue of dandyhorse. Special thanks to his widow, Sheila Curnoe for letting us use this image free of charge. The bike in this painting was built by another great Canadian, Mike Barry, who was also featured in this issue and wrote about his relationship with the artist.

Greg Dubé (Summer 2008)

Guido Bruidoclarke (Summer 2008)

Hamutal Dotan is an avid pedestrian and a cycling groupie who lives and writes in the Annex. She is equally compelled to write about urban design, farmers' markets, and city council meetings, and can most often be found editor-in-chiefing at Torontoist.

Herb van den Dool, blogger at and curator of, is nerdy about bike sharing, separated bike infrastructure and cargo bikes.

Ian Sullivan Cant (Illustrator: Point/Counterpoint Summer 2008, Spring 2009)

Jacob Allderdice Jake Allderdice is a Registered Architect, Urban Designer and LEED Accredited Professional. He teaches Interior Design at RCC Academy of Design in Toronto.

Jacob Louie (Summer 2009)

Jane Twinney sold dandy ads out of the gate.

Janet Attard loves bicycles. Janet love stencils. Her art combines these two things. She has a bicycle art studio in downtown Toronto, at 401 Richmond St West. She wants to see bicycle art everywhere, on the streets, in your home, at your job. Bicycles are beautiful, and she tries to show that through her art work. You can see more Janet Bike Girl at

Jason Huggins is a freelance photographer and website developer based in Toronto and has contributed photography to events such as the Velosocial @ Augusta House, the Toronto Bike Polo League, Harvest Festival and Promise Halloween.

Jay Morrison (Summer 2008)

Jeff Speed (Spring 2009, with thanks to John Englar)

Jennifer Rong is our new deluxe designer dandy.

Jeremy Kohn is a Toronto-based ad and editorial photographer that currently rides his father's 1970 Holdsworth bicycle. His dad is now forced to walk everywhere. His mom likes this. (from Fall 2010)

Jerusha Ellis (Summer 2008)

Jody Hocs made the illustration for our beautiful winter web issue poster. He’s had his current bike for 5 years now and that’s a long time for a bike in Toronto because of theft and vandalism, so he keeps his bike looking gritty but in good working order. Jody chooses riding a bike most of the time because I makes him feel good, and it’s cheap and simple to maintain.

Joe Travers is the founder of BikingToronto, Toronto's largest and most popular cycling website as well as Toronto's only social network devoted to biking our great city. Come by for a visit and discover our great discussion forums, blogs and members!

John Lee is a Toronto-based photographer, illustrator and interactive designer. His focus as far as photography goes, is sports, fashion and portraiture and is currently a regular photographer with dandyhorse (including our famous "pantless" cover from Summer/Fall 2010) and has recently been given the roll of head photographer for F.A.T (Toronto Alternative Fashion Week). He loves riding his bikes  -- to the point that he will likely get them tattooed on his body somewhere soon. He has a chopped-out custom bike for cruising and a fast-as-the-wind Raleigh RushHour CRMO that he can’t imagine living without.,

Justin Lafontaine has been developing innovative tourism initiatives and collaborative partnerships for over 10 years. As Projects Director for Transportation Options, a non-profit organization based in Toronto, he leads several cycle tourism programs including the award-winning Bike Train Initiative and Welcome Cyclists Network. Justin was honoured to receive the first annual IBikeTO award in 2007, and the Ontario Tourism Innovator of the Year Award in 2008.  In his free time he enjoys world travel and folding bike adventures.

Karey Iron is a public health epidemiologist, a health services researcher and a team leader who believes that inclusive, supportive and safe physical and social environments are paramount to the health of individuals and communities, and that each of us can contribute to attaining this ideal in our own way. I encourage my two teenage boys to live by the same ideal. Karey had the good fortune to help guide the governance of the Toronto Cyclists Union as President of the Board of Directors from its inception in May 2008 until June 2010.  During this time, dandyhorse was born and I am very honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to it, even in a small way. dandyhorse is the real bike story - people, politics, activism, careers, fashion, advocacy, health, fun. It is a unique and educational experience about cycling in our city.

Kevin Ruairi (Spring 2009, The Ethical Scavenger)

Kirsten “Snow” White is a Toronto based Photographer/Retoucher/ videographer. She is also 7th gang member of The Deadly Nightshades Midnight bike crew. ( Kirsten loves Seafoam, sunny afternoon bike rides to Trinity Bellwoods park on her low rider, playing bike polo and her Bull Terrier Jimmy.

Laura Trethewey (Spring 2009)

Laura Warner is a researcher, writer and librarian currently based at the CBC. She can be found cycling around the west end with her two-year-old daughter.

Laurel Atkinson enjoys everything to do with biking around Toronto --- even bringing her border collie along for the ride. She is currently working for Not Far From the Tree, Toronto's own urban fruit tree project, which transports its wares by bike.

Laurence Liu is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's Urban Planning and Design program and is passionate about sustainable and vibrant urban-spaces, regeneration, and mobility. He is currently helping to create urban mobility solutions as a transportation planner at IBI Group in Toronto. (from Summer 2009)

Leah Sandals is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in visual art. Her writing is published regularly in the National Post and she helps edit Canadian Art's website. Sandals also maintains a blog, Unedit My Heart, at

Leanne Eisen is a bike loving, photo taking, ukulele playing, omafiets pedalling, visual artist.

Leo Josephy has been an avid cyclist since the tender age of twelve, when he started racing in Calgary. This led him to unnaturally early experimentation in the art of leg-shaving which he has gratefully long since abandoned. After racing, he realized there was more money, less pain, and far more leg hair involved in other aspects of cycling, so after a summer as the Calgary track mechanic, he became a courier. He has since moved to Toronto, where he studies Architecture at the University of Toronto.

Lorne Shields is a retired businessman from Toronto. He has 2 daughters, a son-in-law and a grandchild. His occupation was was in the wholesale bicycle industry for 35 years and is currently retired. Lorne collects early bicycles, cycling ephemera, all related memorabilia and photographica. A majority of his collection is housed at Canada's National Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa where it is called THE SHIELDS COLLECTION. Lorne is an author of various bicycle related articles. He has presented papers both nationally and internationally in the USA, England, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands. Some of his cycliana collection has been on display at the Smithsonian Institution, Royal Ontario Museum, Museé de Science in St. Etienne France, Market Gallery in Toronto and many other venues. He still actively collects early cycling material.

Luke Siragusa (Spring 2009)

Macro Sobrevinas has been riding his bike in Toronto for a over a quarter century and is getting old. He's accumulated enough cycling minutea in his brain to fill a book and runs a large advertising studio.

Mandy Kuo is an analyst at Promontory Financial Group with great passion for marketing and bikes. She love riding her bike along Queens Quay East to go to T&T Supermarket to satisfy her craving for Taiwanese food.

Manny Perez was a fast courier. Now he builds fast bikes.

Marlena Zuber makes maps, illustrates books and magazines, produces drawings and paintings and is a member of the glam-pop indie band, Tomboyfriend. She also assists in running the non-profit art program, Creative Works Studio. In 2008, Marlena partnered with writer Stacey May Fowles to produce the illustrated novel Fear of Fighting, published by Invisible Publishing. In 2010 she completed a large series of maps and drawings for Stroll, a monograph of Toronto from a flaneur's perspective, written by Shawn Micallef and published by Coach House Books.,

Marlene Leung is freelance writer based in Toronto. She is interested in global urban health issues and fascinated by the social disparities in health. She loves reading, writing, photography, travelling and getting the opportunity to explore new places in the world on a bicycle.

Born in Kassel, Germany, Martin (Tino) Helmut Reis is a visual artist and independent photo journalist based in Toronto. His artwork has been featured on the CBC, in Canadian, US & UK Film Festivals and his photography is published regularly in Brick, Canada's premier literary journal.

Martin (Banana) Larsen, doer of deeds, mostly of the funner persuasion, his english could be weller, but then again maybe that would ruin his cute accent? Has not done much for the Toronto bike community, but will come out if the beer is right and the fun is abundant. His writing is mediocre, he never shoots any pictures even when he travels to wonderful places, but we accept him for all of his shortcomings - aren't we great?

Martin Heath is the proprietor of Cinecycle.

Martin Koob (Summer 2008, Spring 2009)

Matthew Blackett is the publisher, creative director and one of the founders of Spacing magazine. As publisher, Blackett has helped shape the magazine into one of Canada's top small magazines: Blackett was named Editor of the Year for 2007 by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors and Spacing was named Canadian Small Magazine of the Year in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Blackett is the co-recipient of the 2010 Jane Jacobs Prize. Matthew was also awarded a 2007 Canadian Urban Leadership Award for "City Soul" by the Canadian Urban Institute for his part in creating Spacing. The magazine has also been awarded international design awards for its layout, photography and TTC-inspired subway station buttons. Blackett was also a member of Toronto's Roundtable on a Clean and Beautiful City, a citizen advisory committee to the former mayor and was also a member of the board of directors for The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. He’s been on the City's Pedestrian Committee since 2006.

Matt Rennick is workin’ for the man by day, being a wicked-awesome dude by night; El Papi Churro semi-regularly maintains a blog called Living For The City ( loosely based around bikes, art/design, old stuff, music & home reno nightmares. He’s really handsome... and modest. (from Spring 2010)

Megan Siegel is a dandy web contributor.

Melissa Allen-Anderson is a writer in Toronto. When not writing or producing short films she can be seen riding around the westend on her bike. Melissa is currently working on her first novel, among other projects.

Michael Barry Jr. is a professional cyclist. He has two published books, Fitness Cycling and Inside the Postal Bus, and is a frequent contributor to the New York Times, Bicycling Magazine, Pedal Magazine, and VeloNews. Michael grew up in Toronto playing on the floors of his dad's bike shop on King Street. (from Summer 2009)

Michael Canzi's personal modal split is approximately 65% bike, 20% foot, 10% transit and 5% car.

Michael Louis Johnson is a musician, actor, playwright, film-maker and father, notorious in Toronto's west side as the Trumpet Man at Critical Mass, and the singing bartender at the Communist's Daughter.  He is a founder of activist/artist gang, Streets are for People, and record label Urban Meadow; he's the author of numerous articles in Now Magazine about Kensington Market.

Michelle Ferreira recently completed her MA in literature and, not surprisingly, is a writer and reader originally from and currently living in Toronto. She also does copyediting/writing and editorial work. She loves poetry, dance, cava, and moving around the city on two wheels. You can follow her @MischievousMich

Mike Brcic

Mike Parsons is a professional comics artist, animator, performer and muralist. HEY APATHY! is Mike's ongoing illustrated investigation into the monstrous metropolis. The artworks have been featured at the A.G.O., the Hudson's Bay Co, Nuit Blanche and in the streets of downtown Toronto.

Mike Votruba is (was?) an intern architect and urban visionary at Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. Architects who likes to bike. (from Spring 2010)

Mira Saraf quit her full time 9-5 job in November 2009 to pursue a dream that had lingered in her mind for nine years: to be a writer. She is currently a continuing studies student at the University of Toronto and has completed internships at EYE WEEKLY and The Walrus where she built up her writing portfolio.

Molly Crealock, dandyhorse Chief Photographer since issue #1, recovered from a childhood grudge against bikes to become a staunch bicycle commuter, riding in rain and snow and through 9 months of pregnancy. Molly is a professional artist-photographer, specializing in documentary portraits and working to find ways to make photography as ecologically sustainable as possible. Her work can be found at

Neil Wysocki lives in a haunted 1930s apartment building in Toronto. He rides his bike to work every day, where he makes photographs of things you buy/eat. His thirst for energy drinks is unquenchable. He's probably taller than you, but don't take that personally. (from Fall 2010)

Nana Arbova is a photographer. She enjoys all things warm and sunny and can't wait to ride her bike again in the warm summer breeze, only stopping for donuts and dollar stores.

Nancy Smith Lea is the Director of the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) at the Clean Air Partnership. (Summer 2009)

Neluka Leanage is an urban planner with a background in urban design, public health and fitness. As a Principal at Geotrail Recreational Geomatics, she plans, promotes and builds accessible and positive active outdoor experiences for everyone. Neluka is a member of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, the Ontario Professional Planners Institute and the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. She is completing a PhD in Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo.

Nick Hanekom (a.k.a. Sputnick) is a writer and photographer focused on all things lowbrow and “Kustom Kulture” related. He has been documenting arts and lifestyle trends since 2004.

Nicole Torok (Summer 2008)

Patrick Brown sits as a Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union and the Ontario Safety League. He is the past President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and presently sits on the Ontario Neuro trauma Working Group for the prevention of head injuries. He donates and runs the Helmets for Kids program in Toronto. In addition to his safety advocacy, Patrick has represented the families of cyclists killed on the road and those cyclists seriously injured.

Pat Tanzola rides up Bathurst Street to work in winter. He gets covered in sweat and dirt.

Paul Orzech is currently trying to piece together a collection of short fiction, entitled, before written, 20 Repulsions. He travels to Mississauga weekly to be with his two ferrets, Mr. Sulligan and Bathory, and a stray cat he thinks is called Cobbie. (from Spring 2010)

Peter Lipscombe

Peter Pietraszek (Summer 2009)

Pete Seifert, helped out a bit, but says about cars and bikes: why can't we all get along.

Quinn Banting put a lot of effort into issue five's special Toronto on two wheels feature and it showed!

Rachel Hahn is a Toronto-based writer and communications specialist. She rides a pretty sweet yellow Haro cruiser and likes to pump iron. (from Summer 2010)

Rami Tabello (Outside back cover sponsor Summer 2008 aka Issue #1,

Randy Chung is our dandy web programmer.

Taking photographs from atop a moving bicycle is difficult, but not nearly as difficult as leading an 8-piece jazz combo. Rebecca Baran has done one of those things.

Richard Keith lives in Toronto. His bike is a dear friend.

Richard Poplak is an award-winning journalist and author, most recently of The Sheik's Batmobile: In Pursuit of American Pop Culture In the Muslim World, and of the journalistic graphic novel Kenk: A Graphic Portrait. He is currently collaborating on a book comparing waning white colonialism in Africa with the growing Chinese advance on that continent. He splits his time between Toronto and Johannesburg. (from Fall 2010)

Rick Bernardi, JD, works with bicycle attorney Bob Mionske at

Rodney Barnes can't grow a full beard yet. When he does, though, you'll probably spot him riding around Toronto with his facial hair billowing in the soft city wind. It'll be grimy, but that's what beards are for. Catching food. (from Spring 2010)

Roger Cullman is a professional, independent photojournalist and master curator of content based in Toronto. He can be seen scooting about town on his e-bike, documenting the arts and culture scene. His photography ( and writing has been published in blogTO, torontoist, Metro News, 24 Hours, t.o.night newspaper, NOW Magazine, Spacing, Reader’s Digest and Sports Illustrated. He also enjoys a good game of Scrabble.

Ron Nurwisah (Summer 2008)

Ron Kluger lives in Don Mills and rides regularly to and from St. George and College to the amazement of his neighbors. He is the chair of Bike 25, a local cycling advocacy group in a ward lacking bike lanes and signage. He led a campaign to convert an abandoned CN line (Leaside Spur) into an off-road commuting link and after 12 years there seems to be some progress thanks to help from Shelley Carroll and others. He has been battling for proper bicycle access from the Don River valley to Bloor Street and each year he is defeated but he keeps trying. His main hobby is being a professor of chemistry at the University of Toronto.

Sarah B. Hood explores the culture of food, fashion, urban life, environment and the arts in her writing. Her latest book, We Sure Can!, is about the new wave of home jamming and pickling. Visit her blog Toronto Tasting Notes ( for a taste of all things delicious around Toronto and abroad.

Sarah Efron loves cycling in the winter. In the daytime she's a financial journalist and by night she writes a food blog specializing in ethnic hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Check it out at

Saira Peesker is a freelance journalist who covers unique hobbies, interesting characters, human rights, politics and the arts. In her spare time, she skates in counter-clockwise circles with Toronto Roller Derby. She also likes to ride bikes. Find her on Twitter @SairaPeesker.

Scott Anderson is the editor of U of T Magazine. He wouldn't be anywhere without his bike.

Shayla Duval (Summer 2008)

Sherri Byer (Spring 2009)

Steffan Kraiker (Summer 2009)

Steve Brearton has been with dandy from the start.

Steve Murray is a writer and artist for the National Post. Yes, yes, he knows you don't read it. Though he still thanks you for telling him that when he meets you at parties. He has some stuff at

Tammy Thorne is the founding editor of dandyhorse and took on the role of publishing dandyhorse after issue four.

Tara Nicholls (Spring 2010)

Tanya Quinn likes bikes. (from Spring 2010)

The Deadly Nightshades are a Toronto-based design collective and midnight-riding bike gang (

Tif Foster (Spring 2009)

Tina Hahn made a great documentary called Tales of a Yellow Bike.

Tomislav Svoboda lives in the Brunswick Community house and has been biking year round in Toronto since 1989. He enjoys puns, living radically, sustainably, true to his values and developing community. He has been on a carbon strike adventure, not getting into a car or plane since 2006. He is a physician and researcher at St. Michael's Hospital and Seaton House teaching, providing and developing care for those who are homeless.

Tracey Tief is a certified natural health practitioner who can be found at (from Spring 2010)

Tyler Wade is a long time reader, burgeoning writer, who works in the audio for film and television industry. He's used to tech talk and audio nerdiness but joins the dandyhorse team having discovered his love and passion for cycling 2 years ago starting with a single speed. The summer of 2011 brought along a fancy road bike to cycle the Cabot Trail. He got food poisoning on the first day and now enjoys the shorter pleasures with his 25km round trip to work each day.

Val Dodge is a Toronto-based IT consultant who spends weekends cycling as far away from computers as he can get. His website is (from Summer 2009)

Vic Gedris is a computer geek who loves taking photos, riding his bike, and exploring his west-end neighborhood. Sometimes all at the same time.

Vit Wagner (Summer 2008)

Warren Wheeler is a graphic designer who loves all forms of self-propelled outdoor adventure. (from Summer 2009)

Wesley Hodgson has a horrible addiction that has caused his home to become filled with bicycles. Cyclo-cross, mountain, road and commuter bikes are all crammed in, and each one provides regular therapy. When he's not taming his demons he runs Form & Method, a mobile and web application development shop. (from Fall 2010)

West8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture

Wil Mils

Yvonne Bambrick is an Urban Cycling Advocate & Consultant, Documentary Photographer, the founding Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union, and Co-coordinator of Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market. A life-long, year-round cyclist, photographer, and lover of bicycles, she is passionate about sharing the many benefits & joys of bicycle transportation. Yvonne wishes more cyclists used lights at night, and hopes the City will (if nothing else) make good on its promise to maintain our roads in a state of good repair! ( "She encourages everyone who uses bicycle transportation to support their local bike advocacy organisation and get involved in their part of the city." -

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