Velo Aquatico

Velo Aquatico is an exhibit of fish themed art, both static and kinetic sculptures, as well as other pieces, all fabricated from bike parts. It is the work of Alberto di Ciccio.

Alberto was hard to miss during the annual group commute, where he was riding a shark, which was quite different than jumping the shark.

This is probably the only shark you'll ever see with a kickstand.

Onto his show at  at Mezzrow's Pub in Parkdale.

Here is a school of metallic fish. Something about a fish not needing a bicycle comes to mind.

Caged ball bearings for eyes!

Nearer the front of the pub are several elaborate kinetic sculptures.



This figure is actuated by a brake lever and gear shifter, but not a brifter.

The artist himself demonstrating this piece and noting that the attire is based on an outfit worn by Han Solo.

Of course he had already revealed publicly that he was a Star Wars fan by showing up to the 2014 Group Commute with a Z-47 Speeder from Return of the Jedi. He said that he considered impaling a teddy bear on the front, but figured it might upset the kids.

Come in, see the wonderful bike based creations. The exihibit runs for the entire month of June, AKA Bike Month.


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