She Really Rides!! Opening October 4 at Fix Coffee + Bikes

She REALLY Rides!!

Bicycles and sculptures by Coco Menk

Fix Coffee + Bikes is pleased to host the opening reception for "She REALLY Rides!!" on October 4, 2018, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

In the male-dominated world of cycling, jocks and gear-heads, “She REALLY Rides!!” explores the different ways women and other non-men can establish their own place and identity within athletics, and the internal struggle to look “cute” while also retaining fun and function.

Artist Coco Menk asks: In the current day and age, with so much objectification and self-sexualization, why do women and other female bodied people still hold on to expectations of looking “cute” or “hot”? Why feminize athletics at all? How do toys and branding appeal to our need to purchase? How does our vanity affect how we dress while we ride a bicycle? What things have women and non-men created amongst themselves to fit the requirements of fashion and function? What new molds and tropes are then created? How does our own biology affect our physical needs while riding a bicycle? Is it possible to be one-of-the-boys and still be a girl? Why does it matter? How do your childhood heroes and toys reflect our attitudes towards sense-of-self and sense-of-sport? How do we express ourselves in a way that celebrates an activity that incites one of our most basic childhood joys? With the burgeoning culture of gender fluidity and queerness, what will the future of athletics look like?

Coco Menk uses humour and up-cycled materials in her work. A transplant to Toronto from Chicago Menk says riding in Toronto is literally green. "There are so many trees and so much foliage that it makes it a joy to cycle through the city at all times of year. Chicago is very flat and spread out so it's physically easier to bike there, but I like the challenge of hills and valleys that Toronto has to offer. Living on the very west end of Toronto, I often have to bike upwards of 30 minutes to get somewhere - prime exploration and thinking time." Menk says more education for drivers and cyclists would help improve safety in the streets, along with more bike related stop lights and signs.

For more information on the artist check out or go the opening on Thursday, Oct. 4 at FIX coffee + bikes at 80 Gladstone Ave.


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