Bike Spotting: How do you feel riding on the Bloor bike lane?

We asked folks about at Bloor and Shaw how they felt riding on - and off - the new Bloor bike lane.

Interviews by Sylvia Green. Photos by Amanda Giacomazzo.


I like riding in the bike lane because I feel that it’s designated space for cyclists. Sometimes the bike lane gets kind of crowded so it feels a little unsafe with people dodging each other and trying to pass. [Ed's note: Great Vag Halen shirt... reminds us of the awesome local indie movie, Portrait of a Serial Monogamist.]


I feel a lot better riding inside the bike lane.


There are some sections with parked cars where it’s kind of trippy, but otherwise, it’s great.


I much prefer being inside the bike lane, obviously, I feel safer.

Thanks to SteamWhistle for supporting the Bloor bike lanes and dandyhorse!

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