Idaho Stop, Toronto Style!

Idaho Stop, Toronto Style

Story and video by City Cyclist

Cyclists never obey the law; everyone knows this. Cars are always law abiding; this too is based on evidence. I'm personally terrified of someone on a 23 lb. bicycle slowing down, then safely riding through a stop sign while maintaining their momentum. Cars would never do this - why do lawless cyclists need to? And what is more dangerous - a 23 lb. bicycle or a 3500 lb. car? Clearly the bicycle.

Sure it's hard to get going from a stop on a bicycle, and if there is no one there anyway, it kind of makes sense to keep rolling slowly - and it reduced the burden on the courts in Idaho for frivolous tickets - but if cars can't do it, cyclists shouldn't be allowed to either! And to be clear: cars ALWAYS come to a complete stop and cars never break the law, unlike those pesky non-tax paying cyclists* who literally ALL break the law. Don't take my word on it - just refer to the well evidenced writing of local columnists Mr. Scrotum, er Strobel, and Levi Soo Ann...they understand how dangerous, lawless and anarchistic all cyclists are. Their balanced reporting clearly comes from a place of deep understanding of all forms of transportation: cycling, walking, public transit and most important of all - driving. They know that cycling isn't really good for people's health, the environment (which is fine anyway), nor does it ease congestion. These are myths foisted on the public by cyclists and cycling organisations determined to take over our roads. Cyclists aren't regular, civic minded people with jobs and families who live in the community, and they know this.

Let's get back to common sense. Let's get back to building more roads for cars. If we cut back on sidewalks and bike lines and maybe cut down a few trees and flowers, we might be able to double some of the roads to ease congestion. Toronto needs more concrete; ask anyone. Instead of an Idaho Stop law, how about helping out cars? Maybe we could change the speed limit on the 401 to say, 120 km/hr. No car drivers would go that fast of course, but it would be nice to know that you could if you were really in a rush.

Enjoy Bike Week you self-entitled anarchists. Wave as you ride by my car - I'll be stuck in traffic.

This satire is brought to you by City Cyclist.

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