Bike to Work Day 2017

photos by Danielle Griscti

Numbers were down this year for Bike to Work Day at City Hall in Toronto. Some say this is a result of the rain, others say it's because they're tired of all the empty promises when it comes to bike lanes in this town.

The press release from local cycling lobby group, Cycle Toronto, stated that thousands of cyclists kicked off Bike Month this year with the group ride on May 29 to City Hall but photos from the day show what looked like dozens of cyclists. (Cycle TO's communication person reported that local sponsor Jet Fuel gave out over 1,000 cups of coffee.)

Regardless of the numbers on this day of ceremonial cycling display, hundreds of thousands of cyclists in Toronto are biking to work every day -- and demanding safer streets.

One case in point: Over 14,000 people surveyed on Bloor street said they felt safer with the new bike lane. Yet on Monday, June 5, the City is hosting yet another public meeting to discuss the future of this bike lane. It seems shocking, almost surreal, that even with Rob Ford gone, Toronto is still considering removing a bike lane.

One bit of good news though via Cycle Toronto: The contest to win a bike and a VIA rail voucher is still open for another 6 days! You can enter the contest here:

Sean McSweeney from MEC, Mayor John Tory and Councillor Joe Cressy pose for a picture on Bike to Work Day (above).Someone should've helped the mayor with his helmet.

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