Join our Bike Spotting crew and help get cyclists voices heard

Lela Englar shot while riding her Shadowland ticket table on her converted ice cream bike on Toronto Islands. Photo by Yvonne Bambrick from our cargo Bike Spotting session in the Food Issue.

Bike Spotting is a dandy tradition. Since we launched in 2008 we have been talking to cyclists in the streets and asking them things like: Do you feel safe here? Do you like this protected bike lane? Do you want more bike lanes? How are you coping with this construction? What are you wearing? What are you carrying in your bag? What tune's in your mind while you ride? Former City councillor Adam Vaughan once got doored on his way to do a Bike Spotting shoot with one of our long-time photographers Yvonne Bambrick. It's been a lot of fun and we believe we are helping to make a difference.

We want to do even more Bike Spotting, so we're looking for help to make sure we get the voices of regular everyday cyclists heard. We're looking for some dandy folks to join our Bike Spotting team! It's a two-person job so you'll always be with another dandy as you stop cyclists to ask them a question, record the answer, take their picture, and give them a copy of dandyhorse!

Join our Bike Spotting crew by emailing:

Toronto has been our focal point over the years but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear about your bike adventures further afield. We've gone around the world with Bike Spotting! With reader submitted dispatches from Scotland to Sydney to Mexico.

From L - R: Rory Lowe in Sydeny, Lisa Logan in Mexico, Alistair Ogilvy in Glasgow

For the past year we've focussed a lot of our energies on the Bloor bike lane, because we want to see the Bloor bike lane improved and expanded. We love getting the opinions of our fellow cyclists and sharing them with the world (and the decision makers at City Hall too!)

Photo of Councillor Mike Layton by Yvonne Bambrick from Issue 13.

Email us at to volunteer. We like to Bike Spot at least once a week in the fair weather - so we'd love to have your help. This is a volunteer position. It takes about 45 minutes each time and it *usually* takes place between 4 and 7 p.m. on week days.

Thanks again to all of the dandy people who have stopped to talk to us over the years too! Keep your shiny side up!

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