Bike Spotting on Bloor in Koreatown part 2

Here's part two of our Koreatown Bike Spotting. You can check out Part 1 here. From commuters, kids and shoppers alike, everyone was singing the bike lane's praises. The city has installed counters at Clinton and Bloor. Now that the rain has stopped you should get yourself over there!

It's very good. I live in Bloor West Village but I would like the bike lane to be extended west.

Andrew (left) and Paul (right) - coming home from Hockey practice
Paul: We gotta keep it!
Andrew: It's great coming home from work.

I love it! Especially when it's nice. I usually avoid streets that don't have bike lanes.

My favourite vegetable shop is here. The bike lane has sort of changed my cycle home. I would just go straight up to Davenport and have gone home. I would have always come here but it makes it nice.

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