Toronto Icycle Bike Race Throughout The Years in Photos

Toronto Icycle Bike Race Throught the Years in Photos

The Icycle bike race is a long-standing yearly tradition in Toronto. Here are some of the highlights in photos from the past few years. We're looking forward to the race this year, even though no date has been announced yet (!?!). The event is usually hosted by Derek/The Bike Joint and held at the Dufferin Grove rink, but it's history goes back to the Toronto Islands where it was once referred to as the St. Valentines Day Massacre.

2010 Photos by Vic Gedris


RIP Tommy Toast (pictured above.)


2013 Photos by Jun Nogami

2014 Photos by Vic Gedris

2015 Photos by Andrew Bacchus

2016 Photos by Vic Gedris

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One response to “Toronto Icycle Bike Race Throughout The Years in Photos”

  1. hamish wilson says:

    It helps to have winter, though I’m not alone in being conflicted as it’s been FAB for biking, and we don’t need to complain too much about the City’s often-inept plowing snow IN to the bike lanes – what are bike lanes for anyways? Riding? We lost leverage with having 7-year contracts awarded recently, and who could have foreseen that climate change would wither the winter? Hmm, how many millions might be saved from the winter cars-first ‘maintenance’ budget? Enough to put in a bit of bike lane on Bloor?

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