Heels on Wheels: Nadia Litz

Photo by Ann Ruppenstein

Heels on Wheels: Nadia Litz, actress, director in residence at the Canadian Film Centre

Has your iconic role in Monkey Warfare changed your attitude towards biking in any way?

Toronto Life did a story on bike culture and used that same photo from my film Monkey Warfare of me flipping the bird without mentioning that it was a still from a film. I just became more cognizant of the fact that people take riding very seriously in this city… and that people know that image more than they know the film!

How do you interact with cyclists when you drive?

I’m hyper aware of cyclists when I drive. I don’t think that cyclists understand per se that drivers aren’t trying to hurt them when they give us the finger. I blame the lack of proper room for motorists and cyclists to co-exist. But, it doesn’t help when bikers break traffic rules. (Sorry! It’s a pet peeve of mine.)

Do you ever wear heels when you ride?

Yesterday I rode around in heels with a sprained ankle. I’m gangster like that.

Where did you get your bike?

Michel Kandinsky, another director at the Canadian Film Center, had it built from scratch for me as a gift. All black, to match my car.

What are you working on?

My directorial debut is a short called How to rid your lover of negative emotions caused by you that was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this fall, along with the feature You Are Here that I have a role in.

Have you ever ridden your bicycle to a gala event? Did you need to use any special accessories or tricks to accommodate your wardrobe?

Yes. I rode to the Much Music video awards because they block off the roads and cabs are impossible that night. As long as your dress is short you won’t have a problem riding to any function.

From issue 6 of dandyhorse magazine. 

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