International Bike Spotting Roundup

Now that our International Bike Spotting Series is all done we've gathered up all best moments from each article. Click on the name to read the full article for each person! 

Jenn From Oshawa

What are the bike lanes and roads like in Oshawa for bikers?
The roads can be quite frustrating for cyclists in Oshawa when they are left unplowed. This road (above) forced me to ride in the car lane. Good thing it's not a busy road.

What is it like biking in your city?

Riding in Sydney is beautiful and fun but can be pretty stressful with agro drivers showing little respect for cyclists. I commute for work and also ride longer distances on my road bike, I stick to the same few routes for my longer rides as they generally have less heavy traffic on them. Sydney has quite a few cycle lanes in the central city area which makes it more relaxing to ride.

Alistair Ogilvy from Glasgow

What is it like biking in your city? 

For the most part Glasgow is a nice city to cycle in as it's small enough that you can travel from one side of the city to the other in a very short space of time. Meaning that it's economically a better option than taking the car, taxi, bus etc.

Sarah Drummond from London

If you could summarize city cycling in one word what would it be?

When it's busy, it's a rush and you see everything, when the streets are dead, it's like gliding. It's consistently a juxtaposition dependant on the time of day.

The Netherlands Series

Marieke from Amsterdam

What is the relationship between cars and bikes? 
Like I said people are pretty aware. I'm originally from Arnhem and everyone is even more careful with bikes! It's a privilege to live in the Netherlands when it comes to cycling.

Bram from Leiden

What can the city do better?
I think the city council of Leiden treats cyclists very good. We have great bike lanes and cars take cyclists seriously. Bikers in the Netherlands have a place on the road and are respected.

Olga Haliuk from Toronto

How are you finding the growing network of bike lanes in Toronto?

I definitely support it – I think the completion of each new route increases the public perception that cycling is safe and encourages people along that new stretch to try it.

Alan Carter from Toronto and Global News

What is it like biking in your city? 

The mountain biking in Toronto is truly amazing.   There is a network of singletrack in the Don Valley,  close to one of Toronto’s major highways, but you’d never know you weren’t deep in the forest.   Stunts, berms, and switchbacks can be found beside more entry level lines. The problem is when it comes to cycling, Toronto does well on dirt, but poorly on pavement.

Rune Gjos from Oslo

If you could summarize city cycling in one word what would it be? 


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