Kensington Market Bike Spotting: Theft Prevention

Bike theft has always been a problem in Toronto. We decided to talk to cyclists about bike theft and surprisingly none of them have gotten their bike stolen *knock on wood*. So the question we asked was why do you think your bike has never been stolen?

Photos by Cayley James, interviews by Cayley James and Taylor Moyle 

Here's what they said:

Liana Ernszt "My bike looks so gross I don’t think anyone would steal it. For one the tires are flat, it looks a little junky. I normally park around other bikes as well."

Nino Kokolari"You just have to keep people from walking away with it, I think. That’s what a lock does. I think U-locks are the best because you can lock out the back tire and kind of dump it there."

Jerome Boswarlos "Obvious things like don’t lock it by the wheel, don’t always keep it in the same spot that makes it a target."

Mika Konishi 

"I think it's just good luck."

Susan Pereria 

"It kind of makes me sounds like a dick but I usually park near the nicest bike I can find and then they see my junky bike and they’re like ehhhh"

Cassandra Bobbie "This is a really crappy bike with the rust. People don’t want to steal it because they’ll have to fix it to sell it for crack, so it’s too much work."

We'll have more stories on bike theft so stay tuned. Hopefully you have as much luck as these cyclists in the new year.

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