Mo bike lane Mo bike parking problems


Bike corrals in Toronto are traditionally seasonal. This one is on Spadina in front of the Robertson Building.

New bike lane means more bike parking needed

Bloor to get a bit more bike parking soon-ish, but bigger increase in parking to come in 2017

 by Tammy Thorne

With great power comes great responsibility. And with great bike lanes comes a greater need for bike parking.

Especially on a street like Bloor where it’s already impossible to find bike parking on any sunny day. It’s not at all unusual to see bikes parked to gas meters and stop signs due to the lack of ring-and-posts and abundance of cyclists shopping and dining in the Annex and Koreatown.

The City says that new bike parking corrals, which can hold 12-14 bikes, will be installed in the next couple of weeks but details as to where they will be located or how many will be installed are not known at this time. Apparently, there are budget issues. The City acknowledges that it has fallen behind on bike parking, but there does not seem to be any real plan to invest in more parking in the immediate future. In the meantime, it's being done as needed on an ad hoc basis with Business Improvement Areas being relied on more heavily to invest in street furniture like bike parking racks. Still, Bloor will be getting a much-needed parking boost... soon-ish.

“[City] staff are working on getting more bike parking installed along Bloor Street in the pilot area and are hoping these can be installed over the next two weeks or so," says Jacquelyn Hayward Gulati, Acting Director, Transportation Infrastructure Management.

Hayward Gulati elaborated, "Staff are confirming locations for corrals/stalls and multi-bike racks, not more post and rings at this time. Locations and quantity can't be shared yet as they are under review.”

The good news is that next year, bike parking will receive a real boost with support from the Annex BIA.

Councillor Joe Cressy, Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina, says, "As part of the Bloor pilot, we are planning to introduce additional bike corrals. Additionally, as part of next year's planned Bloor Annex streetscape enhancement - lead by the local BIA - we are planning to increase bike parking by 30 per cent.”

Cressy adds, “The bottom line is that the Bloor bike lane is going to increase the number of cyclists shopping and stopping along Bloor and additional bike parking is needed."

Councillor Mike Layton, Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina, was quoted in our current print issue of dandyhorse bemoaning the current lack of bike parking on Bloor. When asked today about the need for more bike parking on Bloor, now that the new lane has arrived, here’s what he said:

“Finding a place to park your bike along Bloor isn't always easy, which is yet another indication of the amount of demand there is along the corridor. We are working with different divisions at the City and local Business Improvement Areas to have as much bike parking as possible installed along the Bloor corridor. We don't have a total number yet since it is currently moving through the approval process, and we do have some budget constraints, but we should see a significant improvement over the current situation. Currently it takes quite some time to find a place to lock a bike on Bloor, despite a lot of bike parking, because there are a significant number of people going to the stores, restaurants, and entertainment in the area by bike. New bike parking will work to support this and it's something everyone is looking forward to.”

At dandyhorse we believe that every new bike lane should come with an education campaign for drivers and cyclists, and, of course, more bike parking!

Layton agrees, “New bike parking should be considered with every new bike lane installed at the City." 

"Bike lanes are a means to help people get to local businesses, not just work and home, in an efficient, sustainable and safe way," he says. "We can support the uptake of cycling with the addition of bike parking. Our budget does limit how much we can install. Right now there is a greater demand for new bike parking infrastructure than we can supply, but the new Bike Plan proposes to help fix this.”

Funny how we plan so much in Toronto but yet when it comes time to actually install something, we seem to have run out of money.

In the meantime, be sure to tell ALL the shop owners in the area that you’ve arrived by bike!


A bike corral shaped like a car on College street, adjacent to a busy bike lane that is known for it's unfortunately preponderance for dooring incidents.


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One response to “Mo bike lane Mo bike parking problems”

  1. Kevin Love says:

    “Funny how we plan so much in Toronto but yet when it comes time to actually install something, we seem to have run out of money.”

    Kevin’s comment:

    Funny how Toronto City Council managed to find $505 million for the Gardiner boondoggle. We have not run out of money. $505 million will buy a lot of bike parking. 🙂

    This is about priorities, not money.

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