Bike Spotting Richmond bike lane closure


Cyclists take the lane in part of Richmond Street's construction zone, pictured above. Want to find out out more about the Richmond closure? Check out: Richmond Street bike lane shut down until November: City offers no alternate route.

Bike Spotting Richmond bike lane closure

The recent construction on Richmond has led to no shortage of frustrated commuters and congested streets. The tensions were high as pedestrians, drivers, construction workers and cyclists all tried to co-exist in a way to small space. Even the police and Beer Store truck drivers were tense in the short time we were there: A police officer yelled at jay walking pedestrians "Don't come crying to me if you get hit!" and the Beer Store truck driver wailed on the air horn as he gunned it through the intersection of Bay and Richmond.

We asked cyclists at the corner how they felt about the construction, here's what they had to say:



It’s really making it difficult to get home from work. It's a little bit unsafe trying to get past cars as well.



It’s a funny place to ask because it’s the end of the hardest section of it. If they’re giving us a our own section, a new lane, I’m all for it, but obviously right now it’s brutal.



It’s a little precarious, you know, it depends on the mood of the motorists for sure. This delays them, when they get delayed they get pissed off and they’re not so happy to see us - in what is usually our bike lane.



Well it’s a mess, but what can you do?

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