From the Horse’s Mouth: Councillor Joe Mihevc goes all out for the minimum grid


Illustration by Ian Sullivan

In our latest contribution, councillor Joe Mihevc (Ward 21, St. Paul's West) declares his support for bike lanes and the minimum grid. He also hints at Bike Share news, touts infrastructure expansion and discusses collaboration with city staff to build successful cycling projects in the city.

What are the top priorities for bike infrastructure in your ward this year?

Bike Share. The city is expanding the stations this year and there will be a few arriving for Ward 21. An announcement will be made by the city in June, so I will need to leave it at that for now, but expanding the program up the escarpment is a discussion in which I have engaged city staff over the past few years. The potential the expansion has to increase the number of people choosing to make trips by bike is exciting.

Another piece of infrastructure that I am happy about is to see our Ward 21 cyclists' request for a lane along Winona Avenue has made it into the Cycling Division's 10 Year Plan, which will go to the May16th public works and infrastructure committee (PWIC) meeting and then to city council for approval.

Would you encourage PWIC, the executive committee and council to support the minimum grid?

Absolutely. I am among councillors who signed on to Cycle Toronto's minimum grid goal. I am working to assist in the effort to have the city meet those bike lane targets. I personally met with city cycling staff to discuss the successful motion by council colleagues at the March PWIC meeting, requesting staff include $20 million and $25 million annual options for a budget increase to make the minimum grid happen. That report is part of the 10 Year Plan being considered at the May 16th PWIC meeting - and I will certainly defend the minimum grid all the way to City Council.

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