Bike Spotting: Talking Bloor Street bike lanes

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Photos by Claire McFarlane

The debate over cycling infrastructure heated up this spring as plans for a bike lane pilot project on Bloor Street West were unveiled, discussed and eventually found their way to city council. In March, we to Bloor St. and St. George Street to ask cyclists for their take on the issue.

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Manev Byas

I bike on Bloor Street a lot and I think it would be a great idea to have bike lanes.

Biking east of St. George Street on Bloor is not that bad, since the lanes are wider and there’s no parking on the side, but when you start going west, especially by Christie Street it gets really crappy. That’s where I used to bike so it would be nice to have a bike lane.

I think the Montreal style, with the bike lane between the curb and parking works well, because then the people who are parking are not feeling threatened that their parking spots are blocked by the people in the bike lanes. So I think it might be easier to just keep your bikes close to the curb and then it’s easier to get on and off the curb as well.

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I don’t know that there is a project to put bike lanes on Bloor, but it would be ideal. I ride on Bloor often, I know there’s a shared lane. I find Bloor not too dangerous since it’s a wider street, so not as much as downtown, but anywhere there’s a bike lane is great news. Whether the lane is inside or outside the parking lane doesn’t make a difference to me.

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Tom Melvilles 

I think the pilot project for lanes on Bloor is great, it’s about time. I’m not that familiar with the options, I think something that would accommodate parking would actually be a good idea because you always have to compromise interests. I don’t ride on Bloor Street as it is because there are no lanes.

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I’m pleased about it, it’s always a good thing. I don’t normally ride on Bloor to be honest, it’s pretty busy and I tend to avoid the big ones like University and Bloor, so it’s nice that there will be a bike lane. I don’t know, but I think it’s probably better to have the bike lane on the outside of the parking, but I’m not sure.

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Angela Clement

The bike lane will give me more options to get to work, and I also ride with my kids, and I would never take them along bloor, but if there are bike lanes going there I would. The parking should be on the outside of the lanes.

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