Icycle Ice Race 2016


Kerkaa! Alex embodies the spirit of the ice race.

Icycle Ice Race 2016

Toronto's most famous winter bike event rides - and slides - again

Story by Jun Nogami and Tammy Thorne

Photos by Vic Gedris (unless otherwise noted)

It was another night of thrills and spills at the annual ice cycle races on the rink at Dufferin Grove park in Toronto's west end. This year’s event was dedicated to the memory of David Miller and Tommy "Toast" Quesnel, two members of the bike community who passed away this past week. Derek Chadbourne, owner of the Bike Joint and MC of the annual event, sponsored this year's event. All monies raised went to the families of the deceased.


Icycle ice race men's winner, Jordan, has been competing for years. This is his first time taking home the trophy. Last year's winner, Justin, as well as crowd favourite the Ice Stud, gave him a run for his money this year. Congrats Jordan!


Women's winner, Molly, took home the top prize this year. Last year's winner, Linda Shin, did not compete this year and previous long-time women's champ the Ice Queen (Briana Ingram) has moved to B.C. Congrats Molly! (Photo from Jun Nogami.)2Untitled

Interestingly, both winners rode the same bike which did not have studs in the centre of the tire. (Photo by Jun Nogami.)

More photos of the fun-for-a-good-cause from Vic Gedris, below.


Nice ear muff mod.IMG_1884 IMG_1875 IMG_1880 IMG_1869 IMG_1788

The Ice Stud (above right and below) is a crowd favourite.IMG_1824 IMG_1772

Alex dressed as a chicken little type character and Reba is pretty in pink.IMG_1755 IMG_1704 IMG_1716

So many studs!

IMG_1604IMG_1694 IMG_1688

Looks like the only requirement for the chariot race was that there was more than one person on the bike.


Raymond and Jon are good pals.IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1640 IMG_1670The Ice Emporer (above) for the chariot race win (naturally)!IMG_1622

Haha look at Derek's face as he admires Dave's attire.


IMG_1532  IMG_1529 IMG_1479   IMG_1443  IMG_1360

The Ice Emporer's face says it all as the Ice Stud takes the lead, above.IMG_1572

The Ice Stud pushes harder as he is passed by Jordan - the new 2016 men's champ.



George (Parts Unknown) conjuring the spirit of Tommy Toast in the rubber race. Tommy  always enjoyed the ice race and usually rode the rubber category, sometimes shirt- and-pantless. RIP Tommy and David. You can make a donation to Tommy's family here.

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