Bike Spotting at Harbord and St.George: Post-election edition

2015-10-21 17.47.24The election is over, and we have a new Prime Minister, along with many new local representatives. We talked to cyclists at Harbord and St. George for their thoughts in the aftermath of a historic election, and whether they think it's time for an improved voting system that delivers proportional representation.

Here's what they had to say:


I'm not Canadian, I really like the outcome. I think it was time for a change. The other government has brought more damage, so I think this is good.

I'm from Switzerland, and we had elections last Sunday. Our parliament became more conservative. So I hope that they will in the future change this, but there will be damage. We already have troubles with the youth.

Our voting system works similar, you vote for your party and depending on the size of the canton, the different parties can gain seats.

(Read about Switzerland's Refined Proportional Representation voting system.)


The federal election results really have no bearing on metropolitan biking, so I'm rather indifferent.

My opinion is that proportional representation is definitely better than a first past the post system, but I'm cynical. It really benefits the Liberal party when they're in power to not have proportional representation so they might just be bullshitting, I don't know.


I am happy with the election result, but I didn't get to vote because I am international. In France we elect a president. It's not per seats or majority/minority or anything like that. I guess it's more fair.

I'm happy because Justin Trudeau said that he would change the election towards that, which I think is really good.

2015-10-21 17.47.24Julia

Are you happy with the election results?  

"I am."

What about Trudeau's promise to bring a proportional representation voting system?

"I'm down for that as well."


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