Ride for Renewables this Sunday!

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The Ride for Renewables, a volunteer project sponsored by Greenpeace, is taking place this Sunday, September 13.

The ride is in protest to the rebuilding of the Darlington nuclear reactors and hopes to instead encourage the use of renewable energy.

According to Greenpeace, nuclear energy creates toxic waste, polluted fresh water and is potentially dangerous to its surrounding area. Now is the time to stop pouring funding into nuclear power and to instead invest in sustainable energy.

Angela Bischoff, outreach director for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, says that other countries around the world are moving away from coal and nuclear energy in favor of lower cost and safer alternatives such as wind, solar, geothermal and water power.

"Ontario is one of the few jurisdictions in the world to be rebuilding their aged nuclear fleet. We’re about to rebuild the four reactors at Darlington on Lake Ontario, just 50 kilometres east of Toronto, and another six reactors at the Bruce station on Lake Huron, locking us into high cost and high risk nuclear for another five decades. Meanwhile, we still have no solution for the waste except to bury it and pray it doesn’t lead like every other nuke waste dump has. Imagine if there was an accident on one of our Great Lakes where 40 million people get their drinking water," said Bischoff. "Why would we risk such a thing when we have much lower cost and lower risk renewable options?"

Cyclists participating in the ride will start form Ontario's oldest power plant in Pickering and will bike to the newest one in Darlington.

Transportation for riders going from Toronto to Pickering and Darlington back to Toronto is being provided.

Click here to sign up!

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