SERIES: What’s in your bike bag? – With dandy editor, Claire

What's in your bike bag?

Inspired by the popularity of our Bike Spotting seriesdandyhorse decided to take it up a notch in order to find out which items are most valuable – nay, essential – to the average city cyclist. You can send us your bike bag photo at

We’re asking cyclists to list their favourite and must-have items for their bike bags. Here’s an opportunity to get to know some wonderful dandies, see what they carry with them when they’re out on their bikes, and perhaps even be inspired to up the contents of your own bike bag!

Claire's bag:

List of items:

  • Timbuk 2 messenger-style bag: great for when I have a bit more to carry
  • Keys, wallet, cell phone: I always have to check these items off in my head before I leave the house because I have far too often locked myself out of my apartment or ended up unable to pay for my coffee
  • Set of allen keys: because I'm usually supposed to have them on me when I'm at work
  • Reusable shopping bag: because lets face it, it should be considered a crime to ask for a plastic bag
  • Kryptonite U-lock: it has never failed me despite its hand-me-down status
  • Burt's Bees lip balm: I'm a little addicted
  • Earphones: although taboo, makes a long bike ride more fun
  • MEC USB rechargeable bike lights: inexpensive and saves you from having to purchase and dispose of batteries
  • Stilletos: because when I'm going someplace fancy, I carry my heels while I'm riding and then change into them when I get to the event - Keep an eye out for these shoes in the upcoming issue of dandyhorse!

Send us your photo and list:

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