Bike to Work Day 2015

Mike Layton's chain guard by Carl & Rose at Bike to Work Day 2015.

Bike to Work Day 2015 at City Hall

By Evan Morrison

What began in Toronto as Bike to Work Day  in 1989 has evolved to become one of the largest events of its kind in Canada and is now celebrated across the city for a full month with hundreds of community-driven events.

Today, May 25, at Bike to Work Day, bike-friendly politicians (including an appearance by the Mayor) came to show their support for non-polluting commuting and to kick off Bike Month in style. Speaking of stylish, how about that Mike Layton's chain guard?!

Here are some more photos from Bike to Work Day 2015! Enjoy!

Mike Layton - City Councillor Ward 19

“Anytime we can focus on cycling, getting people out of their cars, off of public transit and on to bikes it's good for their own health, it’s good for the environment and it’s good to get our city moving. I’ve been a commuter cyclist ever since I can remember and feel fortunate that we have good cycling infrastructure that gets me from my house to my workplace, and I hope to continue doing that so others can do the same.”


Mark Singh

“I’m here because I want to be a part of the movement. It’s always powerful to take over the streets. It’s a real sense of empowerment.”

Sabrina Bowman

“I chose to take part in the event today because I’m a year-round cyclist. I’m so delighted to see so many people on the street. I think that this city is so bikeable. The more people who are visible on the roads, the more cycling will become normalized in Toronto”

Joe Cressy - City Councillor Ward 20

“The more people we get cycling the better it is for the environment, the better it is for business, the better it is for healthy active living and so Bike to Work Day and Bike Month helps to raise awareness about the benefits of cycling, and that's a good thing.”


Jennifer Hollett - NDP Candidate University/Rosedale

“I bike to work, I bike to everything, but I think there's still a lot of people wondering if they should start biking. That was me in 2010. I thought "it’s kind of dangerous" and "if I get a bike will it be stolen" and I looked at people at my work during the time I was a TV reporter at CBC and I saw them biking to work and I thought, "okay I should try this." So now I want to encourage other people to start biking to work, biking to play, biking around the city for exercise, and for enjoyment. I think to see such a diverse group of people on bikes today is a great way to celebrate biking and really promote it as a way to get around the city.”

Paulette and Everett

Paulette: "I came out because I love cycling and I think it’s great to support cycling in Toronto.”

Everett: "I ride everyday so so I thought it would be a good idea to come out and see everybody else riding.”


“I came out here just to be a part of something larger than myself and just to see how many more people there are out there who do enjoy biking and use biking as they’re main form of transportation.”

Jared Kolb - Executive Director of Cycle Toronto

“This is the 26th anniversary of Bike to Work Day, and we’re kicking off Bike Month today; it’s a month long celebration of cycling events and cycling in the city of Toronto. It will go on until June 25, and there’s 200 events planned across the city. This is also Bike to School Week. We’ve got over 130 schools participating across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. Why's this is so important? I would say we are a city of cyclists, there 1.5 million Torontonians who have biked in the last year, and yet only two per cent of Torontonians bike to work regularly, only one per cent of students bike regularly and so we’ve got a lot of work to do. One of the biggest things we hear from people is that one of the reasons they don’t bike to work often is because of [lack of] on-street safety. Last year we called for a city-wide minimum grid of 200 kilometres of protected bike lanes and bike boulevards to be built by 2018. This city has just launched a new one-year cycling network plan, which will go to council later this year. We want to see that commitment included in it, we want to see a real focus on building a city-wide grid of protected bike enable more Torontonians to feel safe cycling in the city of Toronto.”

Adrienne Boing

“It’s very important to have Bike to Work Day not only to get everyone together and get everyone excited about cycling in the city, but also for the City to acknowledge that it’s a practical way of transit.”

Lining up for some tasty Bike to Work Day food.

Cyclists gather to kick off Bike Month.

Jared Kolb from Cycle Toronto looks on while holding the Bike Month proclamation plaque, while Mayor Tory talks bikes in the background.

Bike to School crew.

Stay tuned for our Bike to School coverage on the dandyBLOG.

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