Bike Spotting on the Railpath

Photos by Claire McFarlane, interviews by Darja Pilipovic

Bike Spotting on the Railpath

dandyhorse went Bike Spotting on the West Toronto Railpath to ask cyclists what they think about the prospective new addition, which would extend the existing railpath south from Dundas Street West to Strachan Avenue.

It's unanimous!  Everyone was super excited about the extension!

Even Peanut the chihuahua (pictured below) seemed pleased.

Here's what everyone had to say:

Darcie (and Peanut)

"It'd be great! I bike everyday back and forth to work, so it'd get me downtown faster."



"Yeah I think that's an amazing idea. It's a lot easier and safer than having to manoeuvre through the streets that have bike lanes on them. It would also be nicer if there were more exits and entrances onto [the existing railpath] and maybe a little more signage."


"I think it's a good idea. I agree that [the railpath] needs more signage, because half the time we have no idea where we are!"


"Very useful! It's nice to get off the street and smell the flowers for a few minutes!"


"I think it's a great idea! The rail land is actually well maintained as opposed to the roads, so you don't have to worry about potholes and that kind of thing, and everybody's sharing equally. So yeah, it'd be wonderful!"


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