Toronto neighbourhoods’ bike personalities revealed in new poster

Image courtesy of Chris Simonen

Toronto neighbourhoods' bike personalities revealed in new poster

Toronto is a city of distinct districts, from the Beaches all the way to North York and down to the 'dale, and now, thanks to a Bicycle Identification poster produced by Chris Simonen and his friends at Sly Eye, the unique spirits of these districts have been personified. Well, not exactly.

An avid cyclist and recurring dandyhorse illustrator, Chris was the cover artist for our spring 2010 issue. Here, he reimagines his city's neighbourhoods as bicycles, from the simple, stylish Queen West road bike - or 'fixie' if you like - to the eccentric and ergonomic (and, not to mention, expensive) Financial District Bullit-style low-rider. And Liberty Village, in what could be called the poster's punchline, is not a bike at all but rather a spinning machine.

Chris says his own bike type isn't represented on the poster, "Because, when I'm on it, I'm outside the city, travelling the countryside on my touring bike." And---as much fun as it can be to ride around downtown, taking in the sights from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and greeting all their bike types as you pass---the countryside on a touring bike certainly sounds nice.

To buy the 16-by-24-inch poster from Sly Eye (sold for $30), click here.

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