dandyhorse wins a media award from the Toronto Professional Firefighters Association

dandyhorse has been chosen to receive a media award from the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association for our story (below), "Behind the scenes with firefighters on bikes." How dandy is that?!

The story by former dandy web editor Alexandra Chronopoulos was based on her personal outlook and experience during our "Wheels on Fire" photo shoot with professional photographer Lisa Logan. dandyhorse magazine will be recognized in a ceremony on March 27.

Stay tuned to the dandyBLOG where you will be able to vote for this story (and others) to be featured in our upcoming BEST OF DANDYHORSE issue too!

That's me (Alex) on the left, and Lisa getting the 'cover' shot.

Behind the scenes with firefighters on bikes

From our shoot "Wheels on Fire" with photographer Lisa Logan

Story and photos by Alex Chronopoulos (with some additional photos by Tammy Thorne)

~This story originally appeared on dandyhorsemagazine.com summer 2014.~

Photographer Lisa Logan was more than happy to photograph some of Toronto's firefighters for the dandyBLOG. She recalls the kindness they showed her a few years back in 2007 when she was in an accident and thought this would be a good opportunity to further express her gratitude. Here is her story:

"In July 2007, at about 10:30 a.m., I was riding my purple Brodie bike west in the bike lane on Davenport Road, west of Christie. It was a quiet morning, and I was thinking of making a left turn and was slowly moving toward the centre of the car lane. A speeding car came up behind me and clipped my rear wheel. He tried to pass me on the right, through the bike lane, without slowing down and sent me crashing to the ground.

"While the watermelon I was carrying on my back rack split and smashed to bits along Davenport, I myself lay on my back on the ground without too much injury, thankfully," she says.

"The young car driver pulled over and was upset. He was charged. The emergency workers arrived shortly after. Paramedics tended to me and the firefighters picked up my bike and asked me where I lived. I told them there was a garage at the end of my driveway on Dovercourt Road and they told me they would take it there. When I got home later that day with some glue holding a cut on my head together, and a bruised up body, I was elated to see my bike!

"I felt privileged and proud that the firefighters had brought my bike home. I was riding the fixed up Brodie bike again after a few weeks. That battered back wheel hung in my yard for a few years. While I recall feeling angry for a long time after the hit, I am glad that I also easily recall the firefighters act of kindness."

Check out Lisa in action at our dandy firefighters shoot below!

Firefighters Dave Kurmey and Matt MacCormick have achieved super hero status [in our minds] as stolen bicycle savers. See our full interview with Dave Kurmey here.

Seen here are the firemen preparing themselves for their close-ups. The camera is a foreigner in their natural habitat and the space in front of said camera is new territory for them. They admitted, off the record, that neither of them had been featured in a firefighters calendar.

Here's Lisa getting the tower shot (seen at the lead of our feature Q&A with firefigther Dave Kurmey) while Matt gets playful when given direction to "get closer with Dave."

Speaking of playful. If you were wondering... No, we were NOT allowed to slide down the pole. (We discovered the pole is not used anymore, due to safety issues.)

But we were allowed to take pictures! Here I am shooting photographer Lisa, as she shoots our dandy "action" shot.

All super heroes need a good action shot. 

Riding to the truck might cut their response time down? Um, likely not. The firefighters brought their bikes to the station today just for this dandyhorse shoot.

Firefighters on bikes.


We did a few takes of the action shot. Who’s really complaining though?

Wardrobe is essential in any photo shoot and luckily the firefighter is an expert at the quick-change. Back in the comfort of the fire station, Dave and Matt slip back into familiar territory in one-and-a-half seconds flat. 

Sigh, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


Stay tuned to the dandyBLOG: you'll be able to vote this fall for THIS STORY - or others from the dandyBLOG - to be featured in our BIG BEST OF DANDYHORSE issue.

dandyhorse would like to thank the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association for bestowing us with this media award.

It is a truly dandy honour!

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