#dandySANTA: Corey Horowitz of dandyhorse magazine

#dandySANTA: Corey Horowitz of dandyhorse magazine

Corey Horowitz is a web editor at dandyhorse magazine. His recent stories include the City's new plan for winter bike route clearance and a Finch Hydro Corridor Trail audit / Q&A with Councillor David Shiner.

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dandyhorse: If you could get another bike, what would it be and why?

A titanium road bike to zip around Toronto’s hills and hold up on its not-so-smooth streets. If not that, maybe a more winterized fixed-wheel with some good tires and treads.

Q: What bike lane(s) do you hope dandySANTA will bring for 2015?

I would love to see more attention to establishing a network of lanes helping to connect the inner suburbs. I would also, of course, like to see lanes on Bloor, Bay and an extension west of Bathurst for College St.

Q: What bike gear do you hope #dandySANTA puts in your stocking this year?

I recently got a great water/windproof jacket for winter. Now I’m hoping for some nice warm socks and maybe a good pair of nylon pants to keep clean and dry in the slush. Or at least a pair of Levi’s Commuter jeans.

Q: What else do you hope dandySANTA delivers this year?

The City of Toronto’s plan to clear priority winter cycling routes; and keeping those cycle tracks plowed in the meantime.

Q: What is your number one tip for winter cycling?

Layer up. A few shirts under a good jacket will keep you warm. Keeping your hands and feet warm and dry is also key. Oh, and riding where you feel safe and comfortable. Often arterial roads are the least icy/slushy, so use them and always stay visible. I guess that's three things.



Thank you to  @Soulpepper and @Steamwhistle for promoting bike love at the holidays!

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