#dandySANTA: Jenna Campbell of dandyhorse magazine

Jenna Campbell with an 2015 Opus Classico bike provided by Urbane Cyclist.

#dandySANTA: Jenna Campbell of dandyhorse magazine

Photo by Tammy Thorne

Jenna Campbell is the managing web editor at dandyhorse magazine. She's a new cyclist and has written a series reviewing multiple bike lanes in Toronto. Her most recent story reviews Gerrard and Dundas streets.

As apart of our winter cycling profiles, we've asked Campbell what she'd like #dandySANTA to bring her for the holidays. We will be posting more Q-and-A's of the dandy staff in the coming days.

As part of our dandySANTA series you can win 1/6 Steamwhistle gift packs or tickets to #TheConjuror at Soulpepper theatre: All you have to do is Tweet and tell @Steamwhistle which bike lanes you want for 2015 and tell @Soulpepper you want the tickets. It's that easy!

dandyhorse: If you could get a(nother) bike, what would it be and why?

I purchased a bike over summer and haven’t thought about buying another bike just yet — but I do like this Opus Classico I'm posing with in the photo.

I currently have a Franken-style, made-from-donated-parts kind of bike. It’s big, blue and beautiful, but man, is it heavy. Biking north up Sherbourne Street almost kills me everyday. For my next bike, I hope to upgrade from a steel frame to an aluminum one. A friend of mine recently told me his aluminum frame is so light, he can pick it up with two fingers. To me, that sounds dreamy.

(Eds note: we'll be raffling an Opus Classico off at the dandyhorse launch party in June too, stay tuned!)

Q: What bike lane(s) do you hope dandySANTA will bring for 2015?

Bike lanes in Toronto are so scattered, aren’t they? Riding downtown for the first time this summer was like learning a new memory game. After a while, I did remember where the bike lanes were and what routes to take. Even so, bike lanes throughout the city are placed randomly and are not connected. I suppose that makes me another voice reiterating the need for the #MinimumGrid.

Q: What bike gear do you hope #dandySANTA puts in your stocking this year?

Waterproof black boots would be lovely.

Q: What else do you hope dandySANTA delivers this year?

A mild winter, chocolate and health and happiness to my loved ones.

Q: What is your number one tip for winter cycling?

This is my first winter in Toronto with a bike. I haven't dabbled biking in the snow just yet, but my advice I'll give to others is the same advice I give to myself: be brave — though this "have no fear" attitude is one that I'm still trying to muster up.

Also, bring Kleenex.


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