#dandySANTA: Oliver Dennis of Soulpepper (Win tiks to #TheConjuror)

Photo by Dylan LeederOliver Dennis is playing Bob Cratchit in Soulpepper's A Chistmas Carol. Behind Dennis, as part of the Toronto Christmas Market, hang several 'upside down' Christmas trees. This centuries-old European tradition may have originated before the current tradition of having upright trees.

#dandySANTA: Oliver Dennis of Soulpepper (Win tiks to #TheConjuror)

Tweet: @Soulpepper @dandyhorse #dandySanta please give me tickets to #TheConjuror #magic" to win tickets to David Ben’s The Conjuror at Soulpepper’s new Family Festival!
 dandyhorse: Where do you work and why do you ride in winter?

I am a company member and resident artist at Soulpepper Theatre. Currently performing Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol and soon to be in rehearsal for Accidental Death of an Anarchist. I ride my bike in the wintertime, in fact, all year round because I like to keep bike fit and I always know exactly how long it is going to take me to go where ever I’m going. I get very frustrated now in the car or (on the) TTC because of traffic and/or delays. With biking, I always know.

Q: What bike lane(s) do you hope dandySANTA will bring for 2015?

New bike lanes are always great. A lot of my routes have bike lanes. I would like to see one go in on Pape Ave which turns into Carlaw down to Queen Street. Sometimes, I wish for resurfacing more ... bike lanes, which Broadview, north of Danforth to O’Connor, could use.

Q: What bike gear do you hope dandySANTA puts in your stocking this year?

I’d love some warm bib pants to do some late fall and not too cold winter road bike riding.

Q: What else do you hope dandySANTA delivers this year?

World Peace would be nice, but failing (at) that I wish that The Stop Community Food Centre (for whom we raise money at Soulpepper through our audiences at A Christmas Carol) gets everything they wish for.

Q: What is your number one tip for winter cycling?

Fresh snow doesn’t bother me, but if it has been packed by cars or worse, buses, I avoid riding on those days. It’s too easy to catch an edge and go over.


Soulpepper Theatre has partnered with The Stop and is asking audience members of A Christmas Carol for donations. A Christmas Carol plays from Nov. 27 to Dec. 27.


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Tell #dandySanta what #bikeTO lanes you want for Christmas to win a @Steamwhistle prize pack (Must be available to pick up at their brewery. Winners announced Dec. 22.)

Win tickets to The Conjuror @Soulpepper

Tweet: @dandyhorse #dandySanta please give me tickets to #TheConjuror #magic

(Soulpepper winners TBA on Dec. 24. Winning tickets must be picked up at the box office and are redeemable for either Jan. 1 or Jan. 2 shows.)

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