#dandySANTA: Kendra Nicholson of Steam Whistle Brewing

Photos provided by Kendra Nicholson.

#dandySANTA: Kendra Nicholson of Steam Whistle Brewing

Story by Jenna Campbell

Kendra Nicholson is the community manager of Steam Whistle Brewing. Starting today, you could win 1/6 Steam Whistle gift packs! All you have to do is tell #dandySANTA what #bikeTO lanes you want for Christmas to win a @Steamwhistle prize pack. (Winners must be available to pick up at their brewery during regular business hours. Winners to be announced Dec. 22.)

As a part of our dandy winter cyclist series , we've asked Nicholson what she'd like #dandySANTA to bring her for the holidays.

dandyhorse: If you could get another bike, what would it be and why?

I would probably go for a mountain bike that’s better suited for winter riding. Right now I’m pushing my road bike to its limits.

Q: What bike lanes do you hope dandySANTA will bring for 2015? 

I would love to see better protected bike lanes. The ones on Richmond and Adelaide are a dream come true. It’s pretty awesome to see the flock of cyclists continuing to use them well into December. I think protected bike lanes would make the prospect of cycling in Toronto much less daunting for novice cyclists.

Q: What bike gear do you hope dandySANTA puts in your stocking this year?

An item that would incidentally make my cycle to work more enjoyable would be merino wool long johns. Layering is key to keeping warm without losing a range of motion and merino wool is one of the best fibers out there for breathable insulation.

Q: What is your number one tip for winter cycling?

My best tip would be to keep your ride maintained if you want it to last longer than the winter season. Start with winterizing your bike (or paying someone to do it for you) and make it a practice to wipe down your bike immediately after each ride. It's very important to clean your chain so it doesn’t rust. If you find yourself in need of some tools while you’re out and about you can always hit up one of our free bike maintenance stations throughout the GTA.

Win a Steam Whistle gift pack:

Tweet: @dandyhorse and @Steamwhistle and tell #dandySanta what #bikeTO lanes you want for Christmas to win a @Steamwhistle prize pack.

(Winners must pick up their prize pack at their brewery during regular business hours. Winners announced Dec. 22.)

STARTING TOMORROW: You could also win tickets to The Conjuror @Soulpepper

Tweet: @dandyhorse #dandySanta please give me tickets to #TheConjuror @Soulpepper #magic

(Soulpepper winners TBA on Dec. 24. Winning tickets must be booked before Dec. 30 and be picked up at the box office for either Jan. 1 or Jan. 2 shows.)

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