#dandySANTA: Nathan Kelly of Soulpepper (Win tickets to see #TheConjuror)

Nathan Kelly is the communications coordinator at Soulpepper. Behind Kelly, as part of the Toronto Christmas Market, hang several 'upside down' Christmas trees. This centuries-old European tradition may have originated before the current tradition of having upright trees.

#dandySANTA: Nathan Kelly of Soulpepper (Win tickets to see #TheConjuror)

Photo by Dylan Leeder 

Tweet: @Soulpepper @dandyhorse #dandySanta please give me tickets to #TheConjuror #magic" to win tickets to David Ben’s The Conjuror at Soulpepper’s new Family Festival!

dandyhorse: Where do you work and why do you ride in winter?

I create marketing content (photo, video and social media) for our shows (at Soulpepper), among other things. I ride my bike in the wintertime because even in -15 C, it’s still way better than the TTC. It’s fast, fun and you aren’t jammed into a sweaty subway or streetcar at rush hour. Traffic or delays aren’t a problem and you get some exercise without having to go to a gym. It’s just great.

Q: What bike lane(s) do you hope dandySANTA will bring for 2015?

I use the separated Sherbourne lane every day and it’s sweet. I think it’s still the only proper separated lane we have, which is baffling, so I always hope for more all over the city. Honestly though, I’m comfortable enough riding in traffic that it would be great to see just better road conditions. Potholes and cracks can be deadly!

Q: What bike gear do you hope #dandySANTA puts in your stocking this year?

I could use a set of grippy winter tires and some more cycling-specific clothing.

Q: What else do you hope dandySANTA delivers this year?

A fresh pair of Levi’s commuter jeans. They’ve become pretty much essential for me.

Q: What is your number one tip for winter cycling?

Dress appropriately! With the right outwear and layering, winter won’t be able to touch you. Pro tip: Some ski goggles and a balaclava means full face protection from the bitter wind. Plus you kinda feel like you’re wearing a space suit.


Win a Steam Whistle gift pack:

Tell #dandySanta what #bikeTO lanes you want for Christmas to win a @Steamwhistle prize pack (Must be available to pick up at their brewery. Winners announced Dec. 22.)

Win tickets to The Conjuror @Soulpepper

Tweet: @dandyhorse #dandySanta please give me tickets to #TheConjuror #magic

(Soulpepper winners TBA on Dec. 24. Winning tickets must be picked up at the box office and are redeemable for either Jan. 1 or Jan. 2 shows.)

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