Spotted on Sherbourne Street during yesterday’s snowstorm

Spotted on Sherbourne Street during yesterday's snowstorm

Story and photos by Jenna Campbell

In our last dandy Bike Spotting story, we visited Sherbourne Street and asked cyclists how they thought the City fared in clearing this bike lane during last winter.

Here's what a few individuals had to say about the snow clearance on Sherbourne Street during Dec. 11's snowstorm:

Dan Redican

"Clearing the bike lane is a good idea for the few of us that are out today, but tomorrow it will be used by more cyclists."

 Dan Fraser

"We have a nice clear lane for bikes, but there’s no bikes. People are walking down the sidewalk through three inches of snow.

"I mean every winter I walk through (bike lanes) if there’s no cyclists because it’s nice and clear.”

 Doug Norris

"I like that they clear it, but it’s kind of nuts to be a cyclist today. So I actually was walking along thinking, ‘Why are they clearing (bike lanes) and not the sidewalks?' So there’s my reaction.

"I wish they would do that first instead of (clearing bike lanes) for the one or two lunatics who are out here on their bikes today, which sometimes would be me — I cycle all the time, but not today."

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