Critical Mass of cyclists in Toronto

An Ode to the Critical Mass of cyclists in Toronto

On the last Friday evening of every month, cyclists unite all over the world to ride en mass through their cities, making the statement: "We aren't blocking traffic, we are traffic." Toronto is no different.

The Toronto event's current Facebook page reads: "The Mass itself has no political agenda...and it welcomes all bicycle riders to join in a celebration of riding bicycles."

This month, the event landed on Halloween. Unfortunately, the cold rain - which turned to snow this morning - kept the costumed cyclists away.

About a half a dozen cyclists showed up, three in costume. Most of the guys said they come to Critical Mass for fun and to meet new people - they don't see it as a political thing.

Scary ghoul!

The Green Lantern.

Getting warmed up for the cold, wet ride. The "pro shot skier" (centre) shared his homemade limoncello with fellow Critical Mass riders.

Even though there was a low turn out due to rain and chilly temps for last night's Critical Mass ride, there is an even more crucial "critical" mass of riders that turn up in our city's streets every day to ride to work and school.

There are so many cyclists in Toronto now; the city simply seems to be unable to keep up with bike lane installations and infrastructure improvements to meet our needs!

dandyhorse contributor, the "City Cyclist," recently put together a new video of cyclists riding in the city, on their way to and from work, as well as cyclists taking part in previous mass rides such as BikeStock. City Cyclist says the video is proof that there are so many cyclists in the core of Toronto that the city needs more bike-specific infrastructure to accommodate our numbers.

"We have reached the tipping point... bring on the #MinumumGrid," he says. Watch the video below.

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