Bike Spotting on King at Spadina: Would you support a transit mall?

Bike Spotting on King at Spadina

We asked cyclists: What do you think about the possibility of a pedestrian mall with transit priority (aka a transit mall) here on King?

Photos by Jenna Campbell, Interviews by Jenna Campbell, Albert Koehl and Tammy Thorne


I don't drive on King Street anyway, it's crazy.

Liberty Village, I feel sorry for them, they can't get down here because the streetcars are too full.


A pedestrian mall would be good because (Toronto) is building a lot of condos.

I've never understood how they can have five streetcars at once, then none for over a half an hour. It seems like a really basic element of planning transit scheduling.

Everyone is angry in Toronto. On the TTC, you're mad because it's crowded. Driving, you're mad because it's busy. And when you're a cyclist, everyone hates you.


It would be faster, but where would you put the cars?


No cars? Why not?

I'm comfortable (riding on King) because I've done it for a while. Safe? That's a bit relative.

Vitold and Barbara


Two thumbs up, I'm definitely interested. Cars are taking up all the space. I think a pedestrian mall would encourage people to take transit and bike more often. I've seen way better systems in big cities — Ottawa for example and Montreal.


I would feel safer [with a transit mall]. It sucks competing with cabs on the way home. I also take the streetcar sometimes… but I always wish I was on my bike so I could get there faster. I'd rather go by bike - it's just much faster. I've enjoyed pedestrian malls in Korea where it was only pedestrians and cyclists - no motorized vehicles at all. On King street it could work since it's more financial and less residential. It would encourage people to be more active and to chose different alternatives other than driving. People drive because they don't want to deal with the packed streetcars. They need to time the traffic lights so that it can flow better.

Christina Zeidler

I would LOVE it. I almost got smashed by a car right here. There's no space and there are potholes here in the curb. The streetcar is a nightmare, it's a total mess. I've enjoyed pedestrian malls in other places and even here, like at Ryerson where they closed off some sections; it was fantastic - very successful. I also just heard Jaime Lerner the Brazilian ex mayor talking about urban acupuncture - small pin pricks of change - that have transformed their city. There are ways to make things faster and better, and we need to adopt those ways. We can't, in this city, say 'come downtown and meet at this particular time' and take the transit and expect to get there at that time.

I would support a pedestrian and transit mall on the section of Queen Street where my business is. (Christina runs The Gladstone Hotel.)

We asked cyclists: What do you think about the possibility of a pedestrian mall with transit priority (aka a transit mall) here on King?

Joining us for this Bike Spotting session was Ward 20 council candidate, Albert Koehl, who supports the idea of transit malls on King and Queen.

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