Ride your bike, Save the Arctic: Ice Ride Toronto photos

About 100 people rode to #SavetheArctic in Toronto. Here we are with the polar bear coming down Beverly on our way to the U.S. Embassy and a Shell station.

Ice Ride Toronto recap in photos

by Tammy Thorne

On Oct. 4, 2014, hundreds of people across the country got on their bikes and skateboards to join in the national #IceRide organized by Greenpeace to save the Arctic.

The Arctic is under threat from oil drilling. In the last 30 years three quarters of the floating sea ice has already melted. The ice at the top of the planet reflects the sun's heat back into space and keeps the whole planet cool. Protecting the Arctic ice means protecting us all. The Ice Ride calls on world leaders to declare the Arctic a sanctuary.

Sign the petition to save the Arctic here. http://www.savethearctic.org/

Group roar.

Organizer Natalie Caine setting up the group photo before we depart.

Pam Murray (right) and Jessica Murray-Burke bedazzled their helmets for the event.

Bedazzling helmets for a good cause.


Balloons tied to bikes made the #IceRide nice and visible.

Coming down Queen on our way to the U.S. Embassy.

Greenpeace campaigner Farrah Khan speaks to the crowd at the U.S. Embassy. Unfortunately, we were in the back alley and not blocking University.

End dirty oil addiction.

We were told to move away from the pumps, so here is the group setting up a photo on the corner of Spadina and Wellington at the Shell gas station.

There were only two police assigned to our ride, so I joked with them saying "I guess we aren't considered eco-terrorists" and you know what the officer said to me:

"This is a good cause. We have children too."

Video: Vicious Circle

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