Bike Spotting on Augusta: Do you want more bike parking?


Louise, posing in front of the bike parking corral in Kensington Market, says we need more safe and secure bike parking spots in the city.

Bike Spotting on Augusta: Do you want more bike parking?

Photos by Claire McFarlane, Interviews by Tammy Thorne

In preparation for our dandyhorse launch party on Thursday night at Café Pamenar in Kensington Market we went to Augusta Avenue and asked: “Does the city need more bike parking? And: Where?"

Bike parking is at a premium in this city and we have no idea why on earth the City of Toronto can’t install more bike parking more quickly. It’s not political and there’s money in the bike budget. What gives?

For the dandy party, we suggest locking up in piles with your pals. PLUS: There’s a great bike corral on Augusta at Nassau on the west side, and a big bike rack closer to college on the east side that looks like a giant bike chain that reads “Kensington”. In the meantime, you can also write to to request bike parking in your area.

Barry Rosen: I love biking. I am a big, big biking fan. I'm a doctor and we need more healthy people. Of course, we need more bike parking!

I just went to Bikes on Wheels on Queen and they didn’t have any black carriers so I got the yellow one. I’m going to go into this location of Bikes on Wheels and ask if they have any black carriers. I'm testing it out now and buying some fruit in the market.

Joel: It is pretty difficult to find bike parking. I didn’t find [a real bike rack] today here, I just had to use some railing. I’m here on a work Visa and one of the things I noticed here is that there are a lot of old bikes that have been deserted.

[Note, you can see our party venue, Cafe Pamenar in the background with the blue umbrellas and funky art sign. Just south of Bikes on Wheels.]

Matthew Mueller: I would say we need more bike parking everywhere. I love this bike corral. I think it’s fabulous.

Nyssa: Definitely, it gets crowded here sometimes. Is there an email I can send my suggestions to? I actually do have specific streets to suggest.

UPDATE: I would suggest more bike parking around Yonge and Dundas and other subway and transit hubs. It's terrible trying to find a spot at Yonge and Dundas during the day. I often ride my bike there to take the subway. I like to augment my occasional transit commute with a partial ride whenever possible.

[Note: We explained to Nyssa she has to email email and that there is a minimum 6-month backlog to even get a REPLY and that request does not guarantee installation. Unfortunately, in Toronto it would seem you have to actually lobby to get a simple bike rack. Ask your BIA or resident's association as well as your building manager to support your request.]

Tegan: I feel like a lot of the downtown streets – the financial district especially -- needs more bike parking. Whenever I visit friends for lunch while they are working in the core, I always have to walk around and look for a spot. I can never find a[n empty bike rack]. Yes, we should have more of these bike corrals.

Tom: Oh Christ, everywhere. Maybe Yonge street and near OCAD on Dundas. [Note: Tom is holding a back issue of dandyhorse. You can get the NEW issue at our launch party this Thursday.]

Louise: Everywhere. Everywhere. On Bloor, on College, on Dundas. The west end. I’m looking for a safe spot right now. Not a pole. Poles are my last resort.


See you on Thursday for the launch of our bike plan election issue!

~ This was originally posted on the dandyBLOG on June 24. ~

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