Giant Bike Fit for Ride For A Dream

Giant Bike Fit for Ride for a Dream

Story by Claire McFarlane

Photos by Alex Chronopoulos

With our June 1 departure for Montreal  Ride For A Dream coming fast, I find myself becoming more and more anxious and excited for our trip. To help quell the anxiety (and pump up my excitement!) I got a proper "bike fit" at Giant Toronto's new flagship shop. A bike fit is when a bike is adjusted to suit your size and needs as a rider: the bike geometry needs to to accommodate your (sometimes lopsided) body.

Toronto’s new Giant flagship store is providing me with an Avail bike from Giant's Liv line  for women, for the 500-km ride to Montreal. dandyhorse will raffle off this beautiful bike to one lucky winner at our launch party in June. (Details coming soon). But first, I'll ride the bike to Montreal with the crew from Ride For A Dream to help raise awareness to end violence against women. I'll be blogging about this, my first ever long distance ride, right here on the dandyBLOG too!

It was my first time getting a bike fitting and so I decided to write about the experience. Giant Toronto is one of only a few shops in town that provide a technical bike fitting service.

As we began, Giant's bike fitter Ian Smith took my measurements for my sweet new wheels. Finding the right frame size was step one.

Smith said that one of the greatest pleasures of this job is making sure that people are riding the right bikes so that they can live - and pedal - up to their full cycling potential. He said he also loves it when he is able to help someone keep cycling after an injury threatens to keep them off the bike. Sometimes small adjustments can make a big difference in comfort and ability.

There was a lot of work to be done to ensure there would be minimal strain on my back, arms and knees for this long ride to Montreal. The ride includes a stop in Ottawa and a workshop at uOttawa to talk about violence against women and the recent outrage against the rape culture on that campus.

Reducing strain on pressure points is of the utmost importance for such a long ride. For my fitting, Smith had to ensure the proper saddle height and type for me, as well as the proper height and angle of the handlebars for my arms.

The Giant bike store is equipped with the latest gadgets that are not only a lot of fun to play with, but also assist with the fitting process. They have an iPad that displays video onto a large flat screen that allows you to view and measure the angles your body is creating, thereby allowing the fitter to adjust the bike accordingly.

They even have a gel pad to sit on that allows them to measure your sit bones (aka bum) in a very non-invasive way. This helps to ensure you have the right saddle for your body type.

Giant Toronto has two levels of fit assessment:
  • $150 fit includes all the usual suspects. Saddle height, fore and aft, saddle prescription, basic cleat work, cockpit as well as stack and reach.
  • $250 fit includes full body assessment (approx 30 minutes on the massage table doing physical assessments) looking for physical discrepancies like leg length, pelvic pulls, measuring hip angles, advanced foot assessment and more. This fit also includes all the other goodies in the $150 fit.
  •  a custom fit can also be included in the purchase of a new Giant bike

I am really looking forward to my first long distance ride. I feel fortunate to pursue something that is so uniquely dandy. I will be writing about my about my adventures throughout the trip so be sure to keep an eye on the dandyBLOG.

Stay tuned for details of our June launch party where we will be raffling off the Giant Avail medium-sized women's bike in the green and silver colour.

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One response to “Giant Bike Fit for Ride For A Dream”

  1. Hi Claire,
    This is Nica from Liv and I am so pleased to see that Giant Toronto was able to set you up on the Avail for your ride, that bike wll certainly make the journet more comfortable for you especially with the custom fit from Ian.
    I also wanted to say thank you. I spent some time reading about the ‘rape culture’ of uOttawa and Ride for a Dream and it is so important and brave of anyone to take a stand on such an important issue for all women.
    Good luck on the ride and safe travels Claire,
    All the Best,
    Nica Novlesky
    Liv Representative, Giant Bicycle Canada Inc.

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