Penny farthing for sale

Penny farthing for sale

Photo by Lorne Shields

While we don't normally post things for sale, we made an exception for this charming penny farthing as we do love to discuss things from the "days of the dandyhorse."

The penny farthing or "high wheel" bicycle came after the "dandyhorse" (or velocipede) and was a predecessor to the modern "safety" bicycles we ride today. It was given it's name from the penny and farthing coins of the era.

This high wheel penny farthing circa 1887 is similar to the ones these kitties, featured on our homepage and seen below, are riding.

The seller is asking asking $2,695.

For more photos and information, you can view the seller's listing here.

Illustration of kitties riding penny farthings by Jody Hocs, from our Winter 2012 issue.

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