What’s new at the bike show

New this year at the bike show: art by Sheridan students (graduating in 2015). Detail from the wall of bike art above. Artists names to come.

A quick flip through the Toronto International Bicycle Show 2014

Interview with local female BMX competitors to follow

photos by Tammy Thorne

The Toronto International Bike Show is happening this weekend, ending today, Sunday, March 2. We stopped by to drop off some magazines with our premium sponsor, Opus bikes yesterday and take a quick look around. These are some of the things that caught our attention. We'll have a dandy BMX feature to follow and contributor, Jun Nogami, has a nice recap here, too.

Wall of bike art. Well this is new and exciting! Thanks Sheridan College students for sharing these great art works.

This was one of my favourites: Green Commewt. (So cute.) Artwork by Candace Taylor.

Share the road. (That is what the bunny's headband says.)

Clever take on two types of pumps.

We hope to work with some of these Sheridan students on our upcoming issue of dandyhorse. Good work!

But now, back to the business of the day: BIKES.

Wall of bikes.

Kids bikes by Opus. Opus also had a massive section of reasonably priced performance bikes. Next door, Cyclemotive had a some good deals as well.

The new kid in town, Gallant, has some nice sales on some nice bikes.

YNOT booth with Christina Mathew and Laura Mensinga. YNOT just opened a new shop on Queen Street West. We'll have more on that soon, too.

Allo Vélo Bullitt cargo bike with seriously awesome lockbox.


Fun at the Allo Vélo booth with this SAHN leopard-print helmet model posing with dandyhorse.

UM... What else is new. This futuristic cycle pod actually looked old. What does that even mean? It is, in fact, an e-assist sociable trike inside a shell. Also known as a velomobile. Neat!

Old school rollers. That is sweat on the floor.

Volunteers needed! Trailblazers is a great organization that pairs "stokers" (blind riders) with "captains" (sighted riders) on tandem bikes. Find out how to join here.

Fat bikes on the red carpet.

As noted above, we'll have a BMX-focused article here soon on the dandyBLOG, but in the meantime, here are a couple of BMX snaps from Saturday.

Flatland boy.

Flatland girl.

Lift off.


We'll be launching a new spring/summer issue of dandyhorse soon. Find out more here.


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The bike show is coming this weekend (March 1-2, 2014)




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