Icycle 2014: Toronto’s annual ice race for cyclists

Icycle 2014: photo recap

Photos by Vic Gedris

This was the 13th year for Icycle, the annual ice bike race at Dufferin Grove rink in downtown Toronto's west end. The event is organized by The Bike Joint's Derek Chadbourne and the after party is held at Bike Pirates.

Held on February 22 this year, the event raised $1,300 for the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund.

Dandy contributing photographer Vic Gedris took some fab photos for you to enjoy!

See some of our past Icycle coverage here, here and here. (For 2011, our reporters covered the event for Torontoist.) And, see you next weekend at the International Bike Show!

Men's final (above). We see the "Ice Stud" (flapping cape) trying to pass the "Ice Emperor" (left) on the inside.

Ice Stud up front.

Winner of the men's final, Justin Soares.

Two 'serious' contenders.

Last minute preparations for the chariot race.

Chariot race. The fellow in front is wearing a mask displaying the face of one of last year's competitors (who had worn a leopord-print leotard onesie.) This year was unseasonably warm - lucky for him! The Ice Emperor is wearing the Centurion-style helmet with the red plume.

Winner of the women's race, Linda Shin, taking the corner smoothly.

Briana Ingram a.k.a the "Ice Queen."

Jesse Demb givin'er.


Women's final winner, Linda Shin, with winning attire (and a go-pro helmet cam.)

BMX racers.

Good to see some young people getting into the action.

Reba Plummer of Urbane Cyclist rides a fab fat-tired bike.

Elite Rubber Class Race is always a crowd pleaser. Tommy (above left) has some interesting modifications on his front fork.

Slip slidin' away...

Crossing the finish line.

"Make some noise." The crowd always obliges.

Organizer, Derek Chadbourne  ... and the many studs that made the event possible:






There are more great photos by some real dandies, Martin Reis and Jun Nogami too. Jun's blog post links to the short film by The Toronto Star.


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  1. Andres says:

    Thanks for the recap! I ended up racing and have been looking for some pics for a while. I’m the guy with the green helmet in the BMX race.

    Would you mind if I use some of these in my own blog (crediting and linking back to you)?

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