Coldest Day of the Year ride photos

Great turn out for the "Coldest Day of the Year" ride.

Cycle Toronto's "Coldest Day of the Year" ride 2014

Photos by David Keogh, with captions by Kelly Crosthwaite.

It may not have been the coldest day of the year to ride a bike, but it might have been the snowiest!

Cycle Toronto hosted the annual "Coldest Day of the Year" ride this year, and on Saturday, February 1, around noon, a pretty big group of cyclists rode with a police escort from Queen's Park to Dufferin Grove Park, where they enjoyed hot chocolate and good company by the campfire next to the Dufferin Grove skating rink.

BIXI bikes were really well represented this year too! Cycle Toronto arranged free extra usage time from 12 to 4 p.m. and the bike share bikes were well-used on the snowy ride. We look forward to the BIXI expansion this year.

Thanks again to David Keogh for these photos. There are more photos on the Cycle Toronto Coldest ride Facebook page.

Liz Sutherland, of Ward 18 advocacy group, leads the Bike Train to the meet-up spot. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Laura Pin (on the dandy homepage now, talking about the benefits of a balaclava for winter riding) gets interviewed by CityTV's Tracy Tong.

Winter riding is fun for all ages! Garrett peeks around his dad, Robert for a better view.

Lilly celebrates her 13th birthday with her Aunt Janet, donning BIXI bicycles and ready for ice skating upon their arrival at Dufferin Grove.

Jared Kolb, executive director of Cycle Toronto, welcomes the riders and talks about the importance of advocating for cleared and safe cycling lanes. As the good turn out demonstrates, it's not the cold or the snow that prevents people from riding in the winter, but simply lack of safe infrastructure.

Jared en route.

Joey Schwartz (who is featured in our winter issue, giving us his take on studded tires) takes charge as the riders cross Spadina Avenue.

Yvonne Bambrick and Councillor Mike Layton ride pass Grace St.

The large group fills the residential street of Dewson.

Jared Kolb welcomes the riders to Dufferin Grove and encourages all to renew or sign-up for memberships for Cycle Toronto.

Yvonne Bambrick serves up the hot chocolate for all the participants.

Ward 14 Advocacy Group:  Robert Zaichkowski, Laura Pin, Mary-Jo Pollak, and Joey Schwartz.

Thank you from Cycle Toronto!

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