dandyCommute: London, Ontario

dandyCOMMUTE from London, Ontario

Story and photos by Joe Gansevles

Today, December 15, 2013, is the last day to enter our dandyCommute contest to win a bike! If you send us your dandyCommute story today, we'll enter you into a draw to win a bike and helmet and we will post your story over the next week.

Here’s our latest submission from Joe Gansevles in London, Ontario.
My commute is 7.5 km to work and then 2 km to my son’s school. I begin work at 7 a.m. I ride all year around. For most of the year I use a Yuba Mundo to transport my boys home from school. (My wife drops them off.) In the winter I commute with a 1993 Dahon folding bike, go to work from 7- 9 a.m., commute over to my son’s school and meet my wife and put the bike in the trunk of the car. I drive my wife to work as she is currently 8.5 months pregnant. I then pick up my sons with the car.

Why do you commute by bike?

I commute by bike, because it is responsible and it is financially smart. I work as a social services worker and try to teach minimalism to my participants: if I can ride to work in a snow storm, you can too!

What's the best part of your commute?

I ride along the boardwalk by the Blackfriars neighborhood in London, Ontario, it is lit well and by the river, and, well…just great!

What's the worst part of your commute?

Flat tires.

Most surprising part of your commute?

How, at -25 below, I still love it.

Are there any changes you would make to your commute route?

I focus on the positive, which I believe is the key to happy cycling.

Thanks Joe! Send us your dandyCommute by midnight to be entered into our Opus bike draw. Winner will be announced before Christmas.

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