dandyCommute: King Street West to the Distillery District

Story and photos by Steph Kittell

My name is Steph, and I cycle all year long (winter included). Crazy? The verdict is still out… but it sure is exhilarating and I wouldn't have it any other way! My daily commute is about 30 minutes each way, from King Street West & Shaw Street to the Distillery District.

Why Commute?
I love that it wakes me up in the morning, gets my blood flowing, gives me space in my day to just be present, in the moment, and relieves stress at the end of my work day. It's a great way to explore the city, it's MUCH faster than taking the King streetcar in rush hour, it's far better for the environment, and easier on the wallet. I also have buns and legs of steel! Why NOT bike?!

Best Part of your Commute?
Feeling the sun and the wind on my skin; seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling the life pulse of the city!

Worst Part of your Commute?
Breathing in exhaust fumes. I really wish there were less cars on the road, for everyone's sake.

Most Surprising part of your Commute?
The many motorists that show me respect, yield to me, and give me space on the road. There are a lot of good people out there who really just want the city to be a better place for everyone.

What Infrastructure Change Would Make Your Commute Better?
Separated cycle tracks along Richmond Sreet and Adelaide Street. Currently, there is no solid east-west bike lane that cuts trough the downtown core (besides College Street).

Bundled up for a winter dandyCommute


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