dandyCommute – Dundas and Ossington to Adelaide and Spadina

Text and photos by Tania

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dandyCommute series: Dundas and Ossington to Adelaide and Spadina

My son, who is 7, and I cycle 2 km to school every weekday. It takes us maybe 15 minutes these days. When we started in JK, it took half an hour or more, depending on interesting distractions on the way, like carnivorous sunflowers and stuff in the alleys.
Why do you  commute?
Is it not the fastest and funnest way to get around downtown? And I think it promotes a sense of ability and autonomy for my son. It's good for our health, and I'm delighted to be able to minimize our family's contribution to smog and climate change.
What is the best part of your commute?
Cycling through trinity bellwoods park!! Second best is the alley south of Queen street between Niagara and Bathurst.
What is the worst part of your commute?
Adelaide and Richmond. Arrrrg! we take Adelaide to school, and Richmond back, with me on the street and my son on the sidewalk. Even so, with the speed that cars whiz past, it can be hairy for me to get around any vehicles stopped in the curb lane (for example, this cement truck.) Fortunately, my son stops and waits for me at every street crossing.  I can't wait for the promised separated bike lanes!
What is the most surprising part of your commute?
How much good, re-useable lumber people throw away in the alleys. And the day the old person tree fell down (see photo.) it's completely gone now.
What Infrastructure Change Would Make Your Commute Better?
Safe, separated bike lanes! I yearn for them.
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