dandyCommute: Fort York Boulevard to Bay and Wellington

Story and photos by Kelly Lam

Why Commute?
Although I realize that my commute is pretty short – 3 km, just 10 minutes – I just wanted to share my story. I grew up in the 80's and as was typical I rode my bike everywhere. I had moved out of the city and hadn't ridden a bike in years, but last year I moved back downtown and after getting my old mountain bike stolen, purchased the most beautiful hybrid bike and started riding everywhere, to work, restaurants, movie theatres, and every weekend on the path. I lost 15 pounds.

Best Part of your Commute?
I love feeling the breeze, riding past cars stuck in traffic, and getting the daily exercise. I also like that I can ride anywhere in the city after work.

Worst Part of your Commute?
There are practically no bike lanes in the downtown core, and too many cars block the curb lanes when they do exist. Drivers swinging their doors open without looking is also a problem.

Most Surprising part of your Commute?
I am surprised to see that so many people continue to drive into work and sit in traffic, when they should be riding their bikes or taking transit.

What Infrastructure Change Would Make Your Commute Better?
We definitely need bike lanes, Richmond and Adelaide should both have dedicated bike lanes, riding on the major east/west streets with the streetcar lines has become extremely dangerous in the past 20 years with the increased volume of cars and deteriorating condition of the roads.


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One response to “dandyCommute: Fort York Boulevard to Bay and Wellington”

  1. Ben says:

    I’m surprised at the loss of 15 pounds. He doesn’t look like he has 15 pounds to lose. Either way, congratulations are in order!

    And I love the sweet bike.

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