Clay and Paper’s 14th Night of Dread, Volunteering with the Kids

Clay and Paper's 14th annual Night of Dread is coming up on Saturday, October 26th

Story and photos by David Keogh.

If you do not know about Clay and Paper Theatre,  you really should.

Founder & Artistic Director David Anderson (above Left) has been bringing his puppets and performances to Dufferin Grove Park since 1994, and the 14 Annual Night of Dread Saturday October 26th  is around the corner, that means they need volunteers.

My Volunteers are making full size cut outs of themselves to be used in the upcoming performance, all the while some of the cast oversees us.

The studio at 35 Strachan Ave is a bright and magical place where Volunteers are welcomed and the Paper Mache is free, under the shade of a 12 foot tall Saxophone

and around every corner is a new wonder

and sometimes a little concern

or a bigger thought

That is what Clay and Paper is about, welcoming the community, Art, Wonder...


these guys,

and the hope that people reflect and think. As they say, Clay & Paper Theatre is not funny and is never serious.

Clay and Paper Theatre will be holding the 14th annual Night of Dread on Saturday October 26

Adults, youth and courageous children are encouraged to come out to Clay and Paper Theatre's Strachan Avenue studio this weekend to help build imagery, masks, puppets and shrines for the event. More community workshops will be held in Dufferin Grove Park next week leading up to the event.

Clay and Paper Theatre also has many puppets, masks and costumes available for the public to wear during the parade, which leaves Dufferin Grove Park at 6:00, and returns to the park at 7:30 for more celebrations continuing into the night.

Check out their website for more details.

David Keogh is a Toronto native, self-taught photographer, musician, bicycle builder and owner of The Linemen where he dreams, designs and builds custom draught beer towers  This is his first published photographic works.


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