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Tolling it like it is
Sarah Thomson, mayoral candidate
Photo by dana lacey

~ This article first appeared in dandyhorse’s “Pantless” Issue #5 ~

The Toronto Bike Plan is well behind meeting its original targets. What additional resources would you put toward it?

I believe that we have not met our targets and have not dedicated adequate resources to its implementation. By doing a line-by-line assessment on all city departments I believe we can find the resources to efficiently develop bicycle lanes.

How would you encourage people to bicycle in Toronto?

As mayor, I would encourage people to bicycle in Toronto by providing them with safe routes to commute across the city. I will establish a bicycle grid on non-arterial roads allowing bicycles to get around safely and efficiently. I will also work towards the expansion of the bike bixi sharing program.

Many Torontonians are concerned about congestion, lengthening commute times and the impact of the automobile on air. Do you feel there are too many cars in Toronto, too few or just the right amount?

Congestion in Toronto is costing $5 billion a year. Toronto has one of the highest commuter times in the world and as a city we are losing productivity and harming the environment because of that. We need to fund improvements to our public transit system.

Do you think there is a need for tolls or congestion charges on Toronto roadways?

Yes, this is a large portion of my platform. I intend to put rush-hour road tolls on the Gardiner Expressway and the DVP to help reduce congestion. The revenues collected from road tolls would then be used to fund subway expansion in Toronto to encourage drivers to use public transit. I believe that with a fast and efficient subway system more Torontonians would be inclined to drive their cars less frequently.

~ This article first appeared in dandyhorse’s “Pantless” Issue #5 ~

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