dandyARCHIVE: The Winking Circle

~ This article first appeared in dandyhorse’s Issue No 2, Spring 2009 ~

Benny Zenga and brother Christian travelled across Africa on a tall bike last year and, with the help of their filmmaker friend Brian Vernor, are now making a movie about the experience.

It will be shown at the Bicycle Film Festival in Toronto in August, which Benny  is currently organizing.

You can read about the Zenga brothers’ 12,000-km ride on the “Tall Horse” from Cairo to Cape Town with the Tour d’Afrique company in the summer 2009 issue of dandyhorse. (And here [LINK] on the dandyBLOG.)

Stephen Huizenga (the Zenga brothers’ given last name) and Matt Ottenof are two other core members of the Winking Circle – a collective whose mission is “the eccentrification of the world.”

Loosely based in Uxbridge, Ontario, the Winkers are against conformity and apathy. This is embodied by their love of riding and building mutant art bikes.

Photos by Molly Crealock ~ This article first appeared in dandyhorse’s Issue No 2, Spring 2009 ~

Molly Crealock is a professional photographer trying to make beautiful pictures without wreaking too much havoc on the environment.  She is a documentarian, a portraitist, an all-year cyclist, mom to a 2 year old and chief dandyhorse photographer since the bad old days.  Check her out at www.mollycrealock.com.

Molly~~On The Winking Circle shoot: "This was a fun shoot.  It was cold and we were shooting tall bikes inside a live/work warehouse. There were a lot of people there, helping and hanging out. The Winkers were terrific, both as subjects and as people."

The Zenga brothers currently run a film production studio out of Vancouver called Zenga Bros. Studios, and have worked on projects in over 20 different countries. Their 2011  Eccentrification Tour of Vancouver, Seattle and Portland featured film screenings, live music, hand-painted cars, and, of course, fabulous (and fabulously tall) art bikes.

Enjoy these great photos below from the February 2009 Winking Circle shoot by Molly Crealock for issue #2!





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