Winter Bike Spotting Duo: Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and Tristan A. Downe-Dewdney

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Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and Tristan A. Downe-Dewdney

Photos by Yvonne Bambrick and text compiled by dandyhorse staff

Kristyn Wong-Tam

What are you wearing?

Cold weather cycling wear is all about layers for me. If it was raining or snowing, I would also have my bright Gore-Tex shell on to keep me dry. Today, I'm wearing a suede car coat and double wool scarf both from Coach, a Zara lambswool tweed jacket, Brooks Brothers cotton dress shirt and wool pants, Sugoi blend fabric socks and Bally boots. My equestrian gloves are lined with 40 grams of insulation and were purchased from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. My red toque is by Raising the Roof, a great charity that raises awareness about homelessness. I'm also wearing two pieces of jewellery that are special to me. A fine silver ring by renowned Mexican artist Rodolfo Padilla. It's a loved souvenir from my Guadalajara Ciclovia trip and it showcases relief sculptures of a cyclist wearing a sombrero. Finally, I'm wearing a beautiful jade Kwan Yin "Goddess of Mercy" pendant. It brings peace and compassion to my heart and hopefully on the road as well.

Why bike in the winter?

Biking is still one of the best ways to get around because it's cheaper, often faster, and it gives me a chance to stay in shape during the long winter months. It's an amazing way to burn off the additional holiday calories!

Krystin Wong-Tam is councillor for Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale.

Tristan A. Downe-Dewdney

What are you wearing?

After cycling through a Waterloo winter during grad school, I learned that good gloves and a warm coat are absolute necessities for staying warm. My warm leather gloves are from London Fog and my coat was a lucky find from a boutique shop I stumbled upon in Montreal. It stops the wind and is incredibly warm with the right layers.

While I like to arrive to work prepared for the day, I always leave my better shoes in the office as the weather gets worse and the salt trucks come out. Similarly, I will don jeans for the ride if the roads are wet. Cycling is much more enjoyable when the seasonal slush and spray are non-issues.

Here are a few more details about my outfit: my thick and warm scarf is from Banana Republic; my basic grey suit for work is from Le Chateau (which helps for layering, but it's the coat that provides the real warmth.)

Why bike in the winter?

While the TTC makes it easy for me to get from my home near Yonge and St. Clair to City Hall, cycling is almost always the better option. In the warm months, I want to take advantage of the great weather. In the fall and winter, cycling is still the fastest way to get from A to B, especially as the subway hits capacity at rush hour with students commuting downtown.

Tristan is Constituency and Planning Assistant to Councillor Wong-Tam.

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One response to “Winter Bike Spotting Duo: Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and Tristan A. Downe-Dewdney”

  1. Gil Penalosa says:

    Obviously in Toronto we need more Councillors like Kristyn Wong-Tam and collaborators like Tristan A. Downe-Dewdney. Not just because they bike in the winter, although it helps to clear up minds, create ideas and re-charge batteries to navigate their ideas around the current “complex” Administration. Hopefully they will get support from other Councillors to create a city-wide network of protected bikeways that are physically separated from cars on all arterials as well as to lower the maximum speed to below 30 Kph in all neighbourhood streets. Councillor Wong-Tam has been a refreshing addition to our City Council and we wish her the best.

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