Q&A with Summer 2012 cover artist Pascal Paquette

Photos of Pascal and of our new cover by Jalani Morgan.

Q&A with dandyhorse magazine Summer 2012 cover artist Pascal Paquette

How long have you been painting for?

My grandmother introduced me to painting when I was around 12. She was taking classes. I spent many afternoons at her apartment learning how to use gouache and acrylic paints.

How does one move from the street, or the exterior wall, to the gallery wall?

Both situations have different physical requirements to consider. Still though your audience and your desired results should always dictate the action. Answering those questions before creating something is the way to go.

What do you think about our mayor’s anti-graffiti campaign?

Mayor Ford's war on graffiti started as a misinformed bulldozing effort, which I can only guess was a political stunt to please his supporters. The backlash countering these actions have (I hope) informed him that our local graffiti scene is loved by many people.

What do you think it is that draws young people to graffiti art?

It's a self-managed and self-promoting kind of art form. Young artists that have no idea about how the art world functions can still push their thoughts and ideas through and find an audience. Graffiti for many other youngsters is about fame and hype. That's how it all started in the 70s. Write your name everywhere and eventually people will start talking about you.

What would you say to a young person who wants to study art, or become a working artist?

Post-secondary credentials and learning to think critically are important. First and foremost though I'd advise anyone that your ideas do matter and the execution of them from start to finish is the greatest way to learn to know yourself and what issues matter to you. Stick to your own ideas. That's where originality comes from.

How long have you been a utilitarian cyclist for?

For as long as I can remember, I biked everywhere. It's total freedom for me as well as a fantastic way to discover cities.

What can Toronto do to improve safety for cyclists?

The lovely Cindy Blazevic once said: "Everyone should have to ride a bike in the city for at least a week before getting their drivers license." I completely agree.

[Cindy shot Luis Jacob for our “pantless” issue, which also featured our current mayor. You can see our Q&A and her photo with Luis Jacob here, and you can buy back issues here.] 

What’s your best bike ride ever?

Late warm summer nights riding from one end of the city to the other catching up with newly painted street works.

What’s your top dandy summertime spot in Toronto?

Hanlan's Point Beach, of coarse.

SPOILER ALERT: Tell us about your mural that is the cover for dandy’s upcoming Summer 2012 ish!!

The wall on the cover is on a main road in the Woodstock neighbourhood of Cape Town, South Africa. I spent two months there recently on a residency with A Word of Art. Cape Town's city council was rewriting their graffiti and street art regulations while I was there and so while this was being sorted we couldn't get permits to paint murals. I got detained twice by the local police for painting this wall. They were nice enough, but since they didn't know what to actually fine me for, I returned and finished. There are many murals and graffiti works in Cape Town painted by both locals and international artists. And, like in any city, it's still a contentious issue. There’s still a lot of work to do as far as the bylaws are concerned.

The bike on the upcoming cover is Nils Hansen's Le Jeune 753 Reynold track bike. Nils runs Woodstock Cycleworks in Cape Town. Jalani Morgan is the photographer for this photo of me above and the photo of the mural and bike for the dandyhorse Summer 2012 cover.

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