YNOT Cycle hosts the fifth edition of HELL TRACK

Story by Samantha Edwards, poster by Laura Mensinga

This Saturday, an inconspicuous two-level warehouse in the Junction will be transformed into a closed race course-cum-trick park, where cyclists whip up and down huge ramps, bunny hop over shipping pallets and race along the loop track. It will be gritty, dangerous, and completely awesome.

The fifth edition of Hell Track is once again organized by YNOT Cycle, a Toronto-based team who designs urban bike gear, and will take place on June 2 at 500 Keele St. The event will feature races, trick competitions, a massive game of foot down and skid punt, a game where riders go barreling towards a ball and try to punt it the furthest.

Hell Track was first organized by Tom Mosher in 2009 and since then has been drawing a diverse mix of cyclists and spectators. Although the event may seem tailored to extreme cyclists, Mosher insists that Hell Track is inclusive to riders of all skill levels. “Everyone should feel welcome. It’s not just for hardcore couriers and messengers.” Ensuring the openness of the competitions, the worst trick will even win a prize. Even so, if you are intimidated by the course, the event is great for spectators too. If you are going to compete, make sure you bring your helmet because it’s mandatory.

Dandyhorse is a sponsor of the event and will be giving away two subscriptions and a set of back issues. If you’re not yet convinced how fun this event will be, watch the teaser video below.

UPDATE: YNOT Cycle is looking for a few spotters for the event. If you want to volunteer, email info@ynotcycle.com. There will be  free YNOT goodies for those who do.


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