Bike Spotting: How would you make the Danforth safer?

This Bike Spotting originally appeared in our Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse.

dandyARCHIVE–How would you make the Danforth safer?

Photos by Nana Arbova, interviews by Tammy Thorne

Debora Puricelli: I recommend that everyone have a lighthearted view on the road. If drivers are happy when they see us, we can all share the road together.

Devin O'Brien: Obviously a bike lane.

Kerri Anderson: Fix up the potholes!

Kassa Dabreo: The Danforth is a rough ride. A lot of bike people use this road - there are too many potholes and no bike lanes.

Lisa Druchok: We need more enforcement of cars stopping behind the white line at stop signs. We need better road maintenance of the fringe we're supposed to ride in.

Simon Griffith: It would be nice to have a thoroughfare on a side street.

To read more about The Danforth and cycling safely, read the excerpt from On the Danforth magazine "Changing Lanes: Envisioning safer cycling in our community."

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